Is Ravelry going away?

Is Ravelry going away?

It’s clear Ravelry is not currently interested in making more changes to support people who say the site is now unusable, leaving them needing to find alternatives (I’ve shared a post here with some information; there are even more details and options on this post from WIP Insanity.

What’s the problem with Ravelry?

Soon after the new design went live, a user complained that the site was responsible for migraine headaches. This was followed by an Instagram post: “Warning: Ravelry may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy as well as migraines.

How do I find someone on Ravelry?

… , it’s easy to do – just go to their Ravelry profile page and click on the “add to my friends” button: On Ravelry, a “friend” can be someone you don’t even know and there is no approval process or expectation of being friended back, so please feel free to add folks to your friends for any reason.

How much do Ravelry designers make?

And how much did they earn? As little as $201 that month. At $201+ in pattern sales in January 2019, you’re in the top ~10% of earners on Ravelry. That’s as little as $2,500 a year (again, assuming an average, rather than best, month).

Is Ravelry still popular?

Ravelry has been mentioned by Tim Bray as one “of the world’s more successful deployments of Ruby on Rails technologies.” As of March 2020, Ravelry had almost 9 million registered users, and approximately 1 million monthly active users.

How do I switch back to classic Ravelry?

We added an option to change back to the Classic Ravelry site; you’ll find the toggle in your Ravatar/Profile menu (the toggle to switch back to our new/current Ravelry will also be in the Ravatar/Profile menu while in Classic view).

Is Ravelry a safe website?

Ravelry has a consumer rating of 3.2 stars from 504 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with Ravelry most frequently mention fiber arts, white supremacy and social media. Ravelry ranks 2nd among Yarns sites.

What is a Ravelry account?

Ravelry is a free website for knitters, crocheters, and fiber artists. Sign Up.

What weight is sock yarn?

Sock/fingering weight yarn is used most often for sock knitting and infant items. The Standard Yarn Weight System classifies it as #1 Superfine. It is commonly worked at a gauge of 6-8 stitches per inch on a US 2-4 needle. Fingering weight yarn is also popular for shawls and scarves.

What percentage does Ravelry take?

Ravelry– All fees are based on a $6.00 US sale, payments received via PayPal.

Fee Fee Rate Pattern Profit
Listing Fee none $6.00
Ravelry Sales Fee 3.5%* $5.79
PayPal Fixed Fee $0.30 in US $5.49
PayPal Transaction Fee 2.9% in US $5.32

Can you make a living selling knitting patterns?

The obvious way that you can make money from knitting is by selling your knitted goods. Whether you do this at craft fairs or online via websites such as Etsy, selling your knitting is an enjoyable and profitable way to turn your hobby into a full or part time business. There is a clear market for hand knit goods.

Is Ravelry owned by Amazon?

Ravelry is a free social networking service and website that beta-launched in May 2007….Ravelry.

Type of business Private
Type of site Social networking service, e-commerce
Founded 2007
Headquarters Boston, Massachusetts , USA
Owner Ravelry, LLC