Is Social Studio good?

Is Social Studio good?

Critical Review Sales force social studio is a decent or average tool. for advertising or manage your products on social platform. it is not just that but also provides real time assistance on social platform …

Is social studio going away?

The Salesforce platform social media scheduling tool, which we all know as Social Studio, has officially entered sunset mode and has a retirement date set for 2024.

What is Salesforce social studio?

Social Studio is a one-stop solution to manage, schedule, create, and monitor posts. You can organize posts by brand, region, or multiple teams and individuals in a unified interface. Social Studio offers powerful real-time publishing and engagement.

Is social studio part of Salesforce?

Yes, we’re talking about Salesforce Social Studio. Social Studio is Salesforce’s solution for listening, engaging, and publishing across the most popular social media networks on the planet—Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Google My Business, and Sina Weibo, to be precise.

Who owns social studio?

Social Studios was acquired by Vocativ on Dec 1, 2015 .

Is Salesforce getting rid of social studio?

A: After August 1, 2022, you will no longer be able to renew Social Studio as a product. You will still have access to Social Studio until the end of your contract date or November 18, 2024 (subject to change), whichever comes first. Q: When is Social Studio’s End of Life?

How do you create a social studio account?

Register a Salesforce Account in Social Studio

  1. In Social Studio Admin, click Salesforce Accounts.
  2. Click + Add New.
  3. To see the account in the list, follow the remaining steps for account setup.
  4. Click the account you registered.
  5. To add workspaces, click Edit Workspaces.
  6. Select the workspaces you want and click Save.

How much does Datorama cost?

The Datorama Starter Package cost around $3,000USD per month, three millions rows of data and is billed annually.

Is Datorama real time?

In comparison to other dashboarding and marketing data visualization tools, Datorama combines real-time data from multiple sources to give you an accurate picture of how you’re performing across channels.

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