Is Stalag 13 a true story?

Is Stalag 13 a true story?

There was a real life counterpart to the fictional Colonel Robert Hogan of Hogan’s Heroes of Stalag 13. Lieutenant Robert Hogan was an American bomber pilot shot down and imprisoned in Oflag 13D near Nuremberg. To read more about his story, see Robert Hogan.

Where was Stalag 13 filmed?

Culver City
Stalag 13 was an outdoor film set, built in 1965 near the northwest corner of RKO Forty Acres in Culver City. It was used to depict various prison camps, most famously the POW camp of Hogan’s Heroes. In early 1968 it also hosted a Mission: Impossible crew.

Is Hogan’s Heroes based on The Great Escape?

Hogan’s Heroes was loosely based on the play Stalag 17, triggering a lawsuit by the producers of the play, but also contained elements of the 1963 hit movie The Great Escape.

Will there be a Hogan’s Heroes remake?

The reimagined version will be a single-camera action adventure comedy series set in present day focusing on the descendants of the original heroes, now scattered around the world, who team up for a global treasure hunt.

Stalag 13 is the fictional location for the “toughest prisoner of war camp in Germany “, under the command of Colonel Wilhelm Klink. There has never been a successful escape from the camp. But in reality, the camp, which is located near the town of Hammelburg, hid an anti-Nazi organization that is made up of captured Allied flyers.

What was the British general’s dirty trick at Stalag 13?

British General: Bit of a dirty trick flying into London for an hour, being a free man, and then dropping you back at Stalag 13. Col. Hogan: Breaks up the day, sir. British General: [laughs] You’re a good man. British General: Guess what this is.

Are there any bodies in Stalag 13C?

Stalag 13C POW Cemetery. Russian Graves, Stalag 13C. All of the American, British, Commonwealth, French and Italian men who were buried there were returned to their homelands after the war. One cemetery holds the bodies of 2,987 Russian soldiers and the other graveyard has 35 Poles, 73 Yugoslavs and 50 Russians.

Who were the real Kommandants of Stalag 13?

The real Kommandants of Stalag 13 between 1940 and 1945 were Lieutenant Colonel von Crailsheim, Colonel Franck and Colonel Westmann. The officers were housed in stone buildings at the northern end of the camp (the Nordlager ), separately from the enlisted prisoners, except for a handful of privates and NCO’s who assisted the officers.

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