Is Swift better than Spectranet?

Is Swift better than Spectranet?

In a speed test conducted using the Ookla speed test app at Ikeja in Lagos State, Spectranet 4g-LTE recorded a higher download speed of 11 mbps compared to swift 4g-LTE’s 8.9 mbps and Smile Network’s 8.2 mbps and cut a clear win during a download test of a 200mb file using the popular Download Accelerator Plus (DAP10) …

What is swift 4G broadband?

Swift Broadband Nigeria, a Lagos-based high-speed internet service provider recently launched its 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) technology. This innovation is the long-awaited solution to sluggish internet speed for individuals and corporate users.

Is smile faster than Spectranet?

In term of Speed, we conducted a lot of speed tests between Smile Networks and Spectranet Internet Provider, and Smile has the most or highest speed. In all the six places, we toured during the two ISPs tests and assessment, Smile works very well. Its speed is very high and even more consistent compare to Spectranet.

What is the fastest internet speed in Nigeria?

According to Ookla’s latest Q3 2021 market report on the state of Nigeria’s mobile and fixed networks, Airtel Nigeria had a speed of 33.43mbps. This makes it the fastest among broadband networks available in the country.

How many Mbps is Spectranet?

Spectranet Limited is an internet service provider which operates in Nigeria. Currently it ranks on the place 4 from 20 providers in Nigeria….Spectranet Limited Speed Test.

Provider Name Download Speed Number of Tests
Globacom Limited 4,96 Mb/s 48
MTN Nigeria 4,53 Mb/s 29
Spectranet 7,35 Mb/s 15

Who owns SWIFT network?

SWIFT is a cooperative company under Belgian law and is owned and controlled by its shareholders (financial institutions) representing approximately 3,500 firms from across the world.

Which 4G network is best in Nigeria?

MTN is the best network in Nigeria.

Which WIFI is best for home in Nigeria?

10 Fastest Internet Providers in Nigeria Ranked

  • Cobranet.
  • MTN.
  • SWIFT Networks.
  • Airtel.
  • Spectranet.
  • KKONTech.
  • Glo.
  • ipNX.

Is Spectranet free at night?

The Spectranet free night browsing starts from 1am to 7am for all Spectranet subscribers across the country who are willing to stay up to surf the web.

Does Spectranet have SIM card?

To buy Spectranet official SIM card, you may visit their office for full registration with your name and address. Please note that SIM card can’t be ordered online but you can order Spectranet Modem/router online.