Is the 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special canon?

Is the 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special canon?

Though die-hard fans might wish otherwise, the Star Wars Holiday Special isn’t technically canon. However, that hasn’t stopped the creators from pulling elements from the Holiday Special into the franchise’s universe.

What happened to the Star Wars Holiday Special?

It did start out to be a lot better [with a different script]. We had half a dozen meetings with the TV company that was making it. In the end, because of work on promoting Star Wars and working on the next film, we realized we had no time.

What performer showed up in the Star Wars Holiday Special?

In fairness, a Hollywood Reporter review called the project both “inventive” and “a welcome surprise.” And the special did mark both the first appearance of future “Star Wars” mainstay Boba Fett and the first acknowledgment of James Earl Jones as the voice of Darth Vader.

Why is the Star Wars Holiday Special not on Disney plus?

Why is the ‘Star Wars Holiday Special’ not on Disney+? Well, if we believe word of mouth, it’s all thanks to George Lucas, who hated the special and didn’t want it distributed in any way. No official formats saw the light of day, and it’s unlikely that the full version will ever appear on Disney+.

Is Chewbacca’s family canon?

The Chuck Wendig novel Aftermath: Empire’s End reveals that Chewbacca’s son from the Star Wars Holiday Special is now part of the official canon.

Where can I watch the original Star Wars Holiday Special?

Disney+ Releases First Official Footage Of Star Wars Holiday Special (In HD) Disney+ releases their first official footage of the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special, upgrading the original movie to high definition quality. Disney+ releases first official footage of the Star Wars Holiday Special in high definition.

Who voiced Boba Fett in the holiday special?

Don Francks
According to the official Star Wars website, Fett was voiced by Don Francks in the Holiday Special. Bulloch wore Fett’s costume in Empire and Jedi, but John Morton filled in during one scene for Empire, and Jason Wingreen voiced the character in Empire.

Where can I watch Star Wars Holiday?

Who owns Star Wars Holiday Special?

Disney Plus
“The Star Wars Holiday Special” is finally coming to Disney Plus … kind of. In the biggest bulk release of “Star Wars” content since the streamer’s launch, several “Star Wars” TV spinoffs from the 1970s, 1980s and 2000s will debut on Disney Plus on April 2.