Is the A320 Type Rating difficult?

Is the A320 Type Rating difficult?

Getting the type rating for the A320 is no more difficult than any other aircraft in the same class and in some cases, you will find it to be easier than a comparable Boeing aircraft.

At what speed A320 takes off?

Aircraft Takeoff Weight Takeoff Speed
Boeing 757 240,000 lb 108,860 kg 160 mph 260 km/h 140 kts
Airbus A320 155,000 lb 70,305 kg 170 mph 275 km/h 150 kts
Airbus A340 571,000 lb 259,000 kg 180 mph 290 km/h 155 kts
Boeing 747 800,000 lb 362,870 kg 180 mph 290 km/h 155 kts

How much does A320 type rating cost?

COURSE FEE: comprising of additional 4 hours of simulator training, the training cost is fixed at Rs. 19,86,353/- (Rupees Nineteen lakhs eighty six thousand three hundred and fifty three only) plus applicable taxes payable by the candidate before commencement of the course.

How long does it take to get a A320 type rating?

A320 Initial Type Rating Course Description With more than 80 hours of ground school training, followed by systems integration training, and up to 36 hours on our state-of-the-art A320 flight simulators, you will gain the experience you need in order to pass your certification tests and earn an A320 type rating.

How many knots does a A320 land at?

Typical landing speed for an A320 is around 130kts to 140kts but again that depends on those following factors. As for landings in the mobile version, make sure your speed is consistent, check for weather conditions, check your altitude, and make sure you are at the right speed for each flap setting.

Can V2 occur before VR?

VR IN A NUTSHELL: Do not start rotation below or above VR. V2 is the minimum take-off speed that the aircraft must attain by 35 feet above the runway surface with one engine failed at VEF, and maintain during the second segment of the take-off.