Is The Boondocks coming back in 2020?

Is The Boondocks coming back in 2020?

According to Deadline, HBO Max’s planned reboot of the animated series has been officially canceled. The Adult Swim cartoon’s original showrunner Aaron McGruder, along with Sony Pictures Animation, first announced a Boondocks revival in 2019, slated to premiere in Fall 2020 with a 50-minute special.

Will there ever be a season 5 of boondocks?

HBO Max has canceled its order of 24 new episodes of The Boondocks, Deadline reports. The Warner Media streaming platform had originally ordered two seasons of the animated series from creator Aaron McGruder and Sony Pictures Animation back in 2019.

Is The Boondocks reboot still happening?

It is a sad, sad day for fans of The Boondocks. The adult animated series, created by Aaron McGruder, was slated to return for two new seasons on HBO Max, but star Cedric Yarbrough confirmed in a February 2 interview on 1-on-1’s w/Deuces that the Sony Pictures Animation reboot will not be happening.

Where can I watch The Boondocks reboot?

‘The Boondocks’ Reboot Is Dead, But the Original Show Is Still Streaming on HBO Max. Originally created for Cartoon Network’s late-night programming, The Boondocks focused on the antics of two young brothers, Huey and Riley, who live with their cranky grandfather, Robert “Granddad” Freeman.

Who is playing grandad in Boondocks reboot?

‘The Boondocks’ Reboot will Feature a Deep-Fake John Witherspoon as Grandad. zo.

Why is there no Boondocks season 5?

In June 2019, Sony Pictures Animation officially confirmed the renewal of The Boondocks season 5, one of the most popular animated sitcoms. Additionally, in September 2019, HBO also confirmed picking up the latest instalment with two consecutive season orders.

Is The Boondocks on Hulu 2021?

READ: The 13 Best ‘The Boondocks’ Episodes Of All Time Prior to its move to HBO Max the series was on Hulu, but a search for it on the streaming service shows that it’s no longer on there. As for the new Boondocks series that’s also supposed to pop up on HBO Max, that won’t be dropping until fall of this year.

Is Riley a girl from The Boondocks?

Riley is eight. In some episodes, Riley and Huey would have a single storyline and in others, the two would each have their own in a single episode. Riley, like Huey, is voiced by Regina King….

Riley Freeman
Voiced by Regina King
In-universe information
Species Human
Gender Male