Is the TGV comfortable?

Is the TGV comfortable?

Second class on all TGVs has comfortable seats with armrests, arranged 2+2 across the car width, meaning two-abreast on both sides of the aisle.

How long does it take to take the TGV train from Paris to the south of France?

In just 3h 26m you’ll be transported from the bright lights of Paris, to the charm of Montpellier-Saint-Roch on the TGV Duplex train from Paris to the South of France.

How do you get from Rennes to Mont Saint Michel?

The best way to get from Rennes to Le Mont-Saint-Michel is to train which takes 1h 3m and costs €30 – €60. Alternatively, you can bus, which costs €70 – €90 and takes 1h 44m. Can I drive from Rennes to Le Mont-Saint-Michel? Yes, the driving distance between Rennes to Le Mont-Saint-Michel is 82 km.

Do live snails must have a ticket to ride on a high speed train in France?

Live snails must have a ticket to ride high-speed trains in France! According to French law, it is against the law to carry live snails on a high-speed train in France without them having their own tickets. In fact, any domesticated animal under 5kg must be a paying passenger.

Is the TGV scenic?

On this train, you will see some of the greatest scenery in Europe, from stunning coastlines to rugged mountaintops.

Is there a bus from Rennes to Mont St Michel?

Yes, there are direct buses from Rennes to Mont Saint-Michel, and you can find a direct bus for this journey with BlaBlaCar on Omio.

How do I get from Paris to Mont Saint-Michel by train?

The most efficient route is the 2.5-hour TGV train (rapid-velocity train) from Paris Montparnasse station (in the direction of Saint-Malo) to the Dol-de-Bretagne station, which is 30 kilometers from Mont Saint-Michel. From Dol-de-Bretagne, you can take a (30- to 45-minute) taxi ride to Mont Saint-Michel.

Why do snails need a train ticket in France?

Snails must have their own ticket on French trains Jackson, it turns out it’s just a reminder that animals weighing less than five kilos must travel with their own ticket. That includes the French’s favorite breakfast treat, as a non-plussed Frenchman found out in 2008 while transporting his snail harvest on the TGV.

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