Is there a sequel to The Others?

Is there a sequel to The Others?

A very breathy Nicole Kidman and her daylight-averse children face supernatural intruders while self-isolating in a remote Jersey mansion.

Is The Others a remake?

In early April 2020, it was reported that The Others was getting a remake; Sentient Entertainment had gotten the rights to the project, which was a critical hit upon its initial release in 2001. In October 2020, Deadline reported that Sentient had partnered up with Universal Pictures for the remake.

Is the dad dead in The Others?

Grace realizes that “the others” are the family that has moved into the house, and that she, her children, and the servants are, in fact, dead. Following this display of supernatural and spiritual activity, Victor and his family vacate the house and leave it in the occupancy of the ghosts of its predecessors.

What is the twist at the end of The Others?

Grace believes that, by living out her duty as a faithful mother and wife, she and her family will find peace in the afterlife. But the truth, as is revealed to Grace and her children at the conclusion of the film, is that they are already dead. Only the three servants — Fionnula Flanagan’s Mrs.

Who produced the others?

José Luis Cuerda
Fernando BovairaSunmin Park
The Others/Producers

What happened to alakina Mann?

After starring in a couple of other films, including The Girl with the Pearl Earring, Alakina stopped acting, and according to her Instagram is now an artist, illustrator and PST intimacy coach.

Is The Others a psychological thriller?

In fact, The Others is a psychological horror-thriller that plays sneaky games with your mind, with what you cannot see on screen.

Why did the husband return in The Others?

I think the narrative is that in his mind he comes back to see his family after his death to say goodbye to them forever and then go and be at the trenches (where he feels he belongs, just as the wife and children feel they belong in that house).

What did the fog represent in The Others?

The fog plays an important role here as Grace attempts to walk through it seeking a priest to rid the mansion of the “ghosts”. However, since they are dead, Grace and her children are tied to that house and the fog prevents them from going beyond a certain point.

How long have they been dead in The Others?

First, there’s a more “conventional” reveal in which the three new servants turn out to have been dead for over 50 years.

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