Is there a way to get free SMITE gems?

Is there a way to get free SMITE gems?

Logging into the game is the easiest way to get Smite Gems fast and free. All you need to do is log in to your Smite online account every day. Not only can you earn Gems using this method, but you also receive Favors. These Favors can be used during gameplay to help boost your attack abilities and godly powers.

How do you get free stuff on SMITE?

From time to time, SMITE and Twitch will have promos where you get free gods and skins if you have Amazon Prime. You have to connect your Twitch and SMITE accounts. If you don’t have Amazon Prime, though, you won’t be able to redeem them.

How do I get gems in SMITE?

Gems can be earned in several ways:

  1. Redeeming promotional codes.
  2. Completing offers.
  3. Collecting the daily reward bonus (on the sixth and seventh days of consecutive log-ins, awards 15.
  4. Participating in special events.
  5. Buying them with real money through the Online Store.
  6. Buying them through the Steam version with Steam Wallet.

How do you unlock skins in SMITE?

There are three Mastery skins:

  1. Golden: These skins cost 200 or 9500 to unlock. It becomes available after reaching God Rank (1) or higher with a god.
  2. Legendary: These skins cost 300 or 12500 to unlock.
  3. Diamond: These skins cost 400 or 15000 to unlock.

How do you get free gems in SMITE 2021?

Make sure you hop into SMITE and earn 3 FWOTD to earn your 50 free Gems. Make sure to bring an Umbrella! This means players can play Conquest, Arena, and Ranked Conquest to rack up their three first win of the day bonuses. Once you’ve done so, 50 Gems should be added to your account.

What’s the God’s name of Tier 5?

Smite update 3.23 has been revealed, and it’s a big one, introducing a new character, numerous balance changes, and a rare Tier 5 skin. The new god is Nike, a Warrior-class character.

Is Hera in SMITE?

“Command Argus and your divine power to rule over the battleground!” Hera is one of the playable Gods in SMITE.

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