Is Thirteen movie based on a true story?

Is Thirteen movie based on a true story?

The film Thirteen is based on the true story of Nikki Reed. In her search to be accepted in junior high, Reed hung out with a fast crowd, getting caught up in drugs and shoplifting. Hear NPR’s Jacki Lyden, director Catherine Hardwicke and Reed, who also helped write the movie script.

What’s the movie Thirteen about?

Honor student Tracy Freeland (Evan Rachel Wood) has a troubling home life, but she is close to her mother, Melanie (Holly Hunter). While trying to conceal her inner turmoil by excelling academically, she befriends the calculating Evie (Nikki Reed), her school’s queen bee. Evie talks Tracy into experimenting with drugs, exploring her sexuality and pickpocketing strangers to finance shopping sprees — but before long, Melanie realizes she must step in and stop her daughter’s destructive lifestyle.Thirteen / Film synopsis

Why Thirteen is a good movie?

Thirteen’s superb actors will make you feel like the story actually happened. There is so much passion, so much realistic drama, you will relive your teenage years. Catherine Hardwicke deals with the issues that are present in today’s very YOUNG teenagers that most of us like to close out.

What was Evie selling at the park?

Once the girls get to the park, you see Evie selling drugs to other people at the park. Tracy just stands by watching until Evie nudges some her way and tells Tracy to pay her back when they get home.

Did Evie care about Tracy?

Kate: Evie kept saying that she loved Tracy, and I felt like that wasn’t explored enough. I can understand Tracy’s feelings toward Evie more than I can Evie’s toward Tracy, because Tracy obviously looked up to Evie. Advertisement: Nikki: Evie was sexual with Tracy’s mom, Mel, too.

What was the message behind Thirteen?

The landmark age of thirteen takes kids from the depths of childhood into puberty without warning. Young adults in their teens have difficult times through this maturation process, and the subject of Catherine Hardwicke’s excellent film Thirteen (2003) is Tracy, a girl about to turn into a very different woman.

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