Is Togainu no chi a bl?

Is Togainu no chi a bl?

Togainu no Chi (咎狗の血, lit. “Blood of the Reprimanded Dog”) is a Japanese BL visual novel created by Nitro+CHiRAL. The plot centers on Akira, a young man who is made to participate in a deadly game called “Igura” (from “игра”/ “igra”, Russian for “game”) in post-apocalyptic Japan in exchange for being freed from prison.

Is Togainu no chi a manga?

Togainu no Chi is one of two official manga adaptations of Togainu no Chi, the other being Togainu no Chi ZERO. (There is also a manga adaptation of Togainu no Chi True Blood, using the same name as the game.) This is considered the main manga adaptation.

Is Togainu no chi finished?

Game Description Togainu no Chi ~Lost Blood~ is a multi-ending visual novel from acclaimed Boys’ Love developer Nitro+CHiRAL.

Is Togainu no Chi worth watching?

Overall, I’d say this is an anime ‘For Fans’. Not that good for people who are looking for anything worthwhile to watch. The word you need to think about when watching Togainu no Chi is potential. The story revolves around a guy named Akira who is accused of a crime he didn’t commit.

How old is Rin from Togainu no chi?

Rin’s height is not mentioned in the game, but it is listed in one of the official True Blood books and in the manga as being approximately 154cm. Rin’s age is not given anywhere (even approximately).

Who is the MC in Togainu no chi?

Akira (アキラ) is the series’ protagonist. He is generally cold and quiet, though he has a hidden naive side. He grew up in an orphanage, along with his best friend Keisuke.

How long is Togainu no chi?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 3 19h 10m
Completionists 7 26h 43m
All PlayStyles 10 24h 27m

How many endings does Togainu no chi have?

The game features a total of 5 routes, and three additional character endings. Shiki and Keisuke have one good and two bad ends, whereas Rin, Motomi, and Nano only have a good end.

Who does Akira end up with in Togainu no chi?

In a heart-to-heart with Rin, Akira promises never to betray him and gains his trust. Rin returns to fight Shiki as Akira and Motomi escape from Toshima. Five years later, Akira and Rin are finally reunited.

Is Togainu no chi on Crunchyroll?

Togainu no Chi (True Blood) Yaoi Game Trailer – Watch on Crunchyroll.

How old is Rin from Togainu no Chi?

What happens at the end of Shiki?

Natsuno fights with Tatsumi. They fall into the pit where the villagers have dumped most of the bodies of the dead shiki. Natsuno sets off an explosive, thus killing himself and Tatsumi. Sunako hides in the abandoned church, sobbing and pleading to God for forgiveness.

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