Is Yunho from ATEEZ an actor?

Is Yunho from ATEEZ an actor?

About. Jeong Yun Ho is a South Korean singer and actor who was born on March 23, 1999, in Gwangju, South Korea. In 2017, he appeared on the music-themed survival reality show “Mix Nine.” In 2018, he debuted as a member of the all-male K-pop group ATEEZ, releasing the debut mini-album “Treasure EP.

What Kdrama did Yunho act?

They went on, “Please look forward to Yunho, who will be showcasing an explosive charm that is completely different from his charms in ATEEZ through his portrayal of Sparkling center Yoo Jin, and the drama ‘Imitation. ‘”

What Kdrama is ATEEZ in?

ATEEZ Members Share Their Thoughts On Acting And “Imitation” After Drama’s Finale. The four ATEEZ members who appeared in KBS’s “Imitation” shared their closing comments on the drama. Based on a hit webtoon, “Imitation” is a drama about the lives of idols in the cutthroat entertainment industry.

How many SF9 members are in Imitation?

Jung JiSo, ATEEZ’s YunHo, SeongHwa, JongHo, and San, SF9’s Chani and HwiYoung, U-KISS’s Jun, T-ARA’s JiYeon, ex-PRISTIN’s Lim NaYoung, Park Yuri, Ahn JungHoon, MinSeo, Boys’ Republic’s SuWoong, g.o.d’s Danny Ahn and Shim EunJin are the cast of this drama.

Is Yunho a good actor?

But after watching the third episode I can say with confidence that Yunho has bona fide potential to be a really good actor. I have been very pleasantly surprised to see that he has fully immersed himself in his role in such a way that I completely forgot that I was watching Ateez Yunho.

When did ATEEZ debut date?

2018ATEEZ / Active from

On October 24, 2018, Ateez released their debut EP, Treasure EP. 1: All to Zero, alongside music videos for the two lead singles “Pirate King” (Korean: 해적왕; RR: Haejeogwang) and “Treasure”. Their debut showcase was held on the same day.

What is ATEEZ sparkling?

Sparkling—which consists of ATEEZ’s Yunho, Seonghwa, and San, as well as Boys Republic’s Suwoong—is a fictional boy group from KBS’s “Imitation,” a drama based on a popular webtoon about idols in the competitive entertainment industry.

Who on Imitation is in ATEEZ?

Imitation tells the life of idols in the South Korean entertainment industry. The players are Jung Ji So, Yunho Seonghwa Jongho San ATEEZ, Chani Hwiyoung SF9, Jun U-KISS, Jiyeon T-ara, Im Na Young ex PRISTIN, Yuri, Ahn Jung Hoon, Minseo, Suwoong Boys’ Republic, Danny Ahn God and Shim Eun Jin.

What is Ateez SHAX?

SHAX is a top boy group that rules the music charts. Lee Jun Young will play the center of the group, Kwon Ryoc, who combines talent, good looks, and an endearing clumsiness. Chani will play former member Eun Jo, who is the same age as Ryoc.

Who from Ateez is in Imitation?

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