Personal essay – take a chance and win

A personal essay is not just a great opportunity for you to talk about interesting and unique moments of your life, but, at times, a decisive moment to influence the admission committee in your favour. But many applicants, for obvious reasons, are afraid to be too frank to talk about personal things and to get their feelings out to strangers, while at the same time, they must also try to impress them. The young people, in short, wish it but are afraid of the consequence. So, the question is how frank a personal essay should be and what things are best kept silent.

It happens

When entering the university, you may, of course, let out your feelings and emotions of recent events for writing an essay on the damaged childhood and difficult family circumstances you grew up. But it should be noted that this topic is exceptionally saturated and quite risky. Just pause and consider: whether to speak of this experience and what it taught you. Does it speak of your strengths and personal qualities, or it’s a subject for discussion in the therapist’s office (or a personal diary)? And is it worth dumping your past difficulties on a commission member? Carefully reread the essay to see if it really gives the reader an idea of ​​who you really are or simply describes your family members. And if you are willing to have your way, you must focus on what you learned from those trials, and how the experience lived through has made you more independent and compassionate one. Some did so, and they were lucky: they got great reviews (some of the admissions committees even wrote them personal messages). Thus it was worth it, in their case. Sure, but this is often not the case. Therefore, you might need to contact the pro-papers paper writing service, first.

To be on the team

Admission committees always want to see interesting, talented candidates. They seek to put together a team (probably everybody would like to build such a team) from a large group of smart, motivated, innovative, unique personalities who can bring something interesting to the multi-layered student community. They need whole persons who know how to find a common language, contribute to the university life the elements of diversity. In addition, they need stable, self-confident applicants who have already learned and achieved something in their lives.

How you see yourself

Therefore, before you start writing an essay, make a list of the most significant events in your life. Which of them has really changed you, made you who you are now?

  • Did you spend your childhood in distant lands where you learned several languages ​​of local tribes?
  • Does your cultural environment separate you from all the rest?
  • Perhaps you have a birth defect that made you stronger?
  • Or maybe you are a budding cellist, a keen admirer of tea ceremonies or a skeet-shooting?
  • Do you have an unusual interest that gives your life meaning?

After highlighting a number of unique events, mark those that helped you find your path in life; those that helped understand the values ​​and set priorities. Ask yourself: do they show you as an emotionally unstable, unreliable, ambiguous person? If so, then it must take place in the psychotherapist’s office, in a confessional, at worst, not in the admission committee! But if it makes your essay stronger and wiser, be sure to use it.

Some tips:

  • Honesty is paramount (the admission committee discloses a false a mile away!).
  • Explain as much as you need, but do not overdo with unnecessary and uninteresting details.
  • Humour is always welcome if it is appropriate.
  • Tell us not only about the incident, but also about what it taught you, and how you are going to use this knowledge.

Then let the essay be read by a person you trust. Lookers-on see more than players. Just take it for granted and draw the right conclusions. And reread the essay yourself. Does it describe you correctly? Can you be proud of what you have written? Does it present you in a positive light? If yes, then good luck with that and go ahead! Be yourself and they will see that. Be interesting. And tell the truth. But not against your own interests.