Should you size down in NYDJ jeans?

Should you size down in NYDJ jeans?

With NYDJ, you’ll always get figure-flattering styles. The brand is known for its jeans, which feature a slimming criss-cross panel across the tummy, lift your butt, and accentuate your curves. The brand notes that you’ll want to order a size down from what you normally buy to help the jeans work their magic.

How do I know my jean size UK?

If measuring jeans, lay them flat on a surface and measure their width from left to right, at the level of the waist button, over the zipper. When you find the perfect fit, double the jeans’ width to get your waist length. To measure the length of your legs, measure from your groin to the desired length of your jeans.

Does NYDJ stretch out?

For “regular” straight leg jeans from NYDJ, I go down 2 sizes. I find that they stretch out A LOT. For “slim” fit, I go down one size. I wash them in cold water, throw them in the dryer on delicate, and they’re just fine.

What are the different fits of NYDJ?

NYDJ jeans are available in the following styles:

  • Bootcut. Snug at the hips and thighs, with a classic bootcut leg opening. Leg opening 17,5inch.
  • Straight. Slim at the hips and thighs, with a straight leg. Leg opening 16 inch.
  • Slim. This style tapers slightly more from knee to hem than the Straight leg. Leg opening 14 inch.

What is a US size 10 in UK?

Hence, a US women’s shoe size 9, corresponds to a UK size 7 and a US men’s shoe size 10.5 to a UK men’s shoe size 10….UK Shoe Sizes: UK to US Shoe Size.

UK US Women’s US Men’s
UK 8.5 10.5 9
UK 9 11 9.5
UK 9.5 11.5 10
UK 10 12 10.5

What size is NYDJ?

Use your usual size as a reference and order your NYDJ at least a size smaller. Example: if you normally wear a size 12 (US 4-6), order a size 4.

What size is a 28 waist in jeans UK?


UK SIZE 6 10
USA 2 6
ITALY 38 42
FRANCE 34 38

Does Nydj stretch out?

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