Was Baltar a Cylon?

Was Baltar a Cylon?

In the episode “Collaborators”, we find Baltar living on a Cylon Basestar in a barless cell.

Is Baltar a hallucination?

“Torn” establishes the humanoid Cylon visualization process known as projection. In the Miniseries and Season 1, before the term “projection” was introduced, the character of Gaius Baltar has frequent visions of an image of his Cylon love interest from Caprica, now known as Caprica Six.

Is Gaius Baltar good?

Portrayed by Doctor Gaius Baltar is a brilliant scientist, legally-elected President of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol, and, later, a revered religious figure for the remnants of humanity.

Is Starbuck an angel?

Starbuck is some kind of “Angel”: An oracle, a messenger, a goddess, and/or prophet. She is one of two counterparts that exist across space & time. The other being Pythia (Saul’s Mother) who existed right before the 13th Tribe’s exodus from Kobol. Together they make up a long-term being, “Aurora, Goddess of the Dawn.”

Why are the Cylons so religious?

The Cylons believe that God directed humanity to create the Cylons as a more perfect entity. From there, the Cylons believe they were to take the place of the flawed humans in the cosmos and become, essentially, the next generation of humankind.

What is God in BSG?

In the context of Battlestar Galactica, God is a deity worshiped by the Colonials of the Original Series and by the Cylons of the Re-imagined Series. For information on God in the Original Series, see God (TOS). For information on God as the deity of the Cylons in the Re-imagined Series, see God (RDM).

How is Baltars head six?

Baltar initially believes that Messenger Six is a hallucination in its first few weeks of appearances (TRS: Miniseries, Night 1, “33”), but later believes the Messenger’s initial suggestion that she is generated from a Cylon cybernetic implant.

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