Was the howitzer used in Vietnam?

Was the howitzer used in Vietnam?

The M102 is a light, towable 105 mm howitzer used by the United States Army in the Vietnam War, the First Gulf War, and the Iraq War.

How many miles can a 105 howitzer shoot?

The M101A1 fires 105 mm high explosive (HE) semi-fixed ammunition and has a range of 12,330 yards (11,270 m), making it suitable for supporting infantry….M101 howitzer.

M101A1 105 mm towed howitzer
Maximum firing range 7.00 mi (11,270 m)

What was the 105mm shell used for?

Its main purpose was antipersonnel, but it was flexible enough to provide indirect fire as well. It served in all major theaters of World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War and was purchased by 67 different countries. Did you know? One out of every five shells fired by the US during WWII was a 105mm HE round.

What artillery was used in Vietnam?

When the war started, the standard artillery weapons in use were: a variant of a WWII era weapon, the M101 (towed) 105mm howitzer; the M108 Self Propelled (SP) 105mm; M109 (SP) 155mm; M114 (towed) 155mm, another obsolete WWII era model; the M110 – 8” (SP); and the M107 175mm (SP) Gun, the only non-howitzer weapon that …

What cannons were used in Vietnam War?


  • M55 quad machine gun – used to defend US Army bases and on vehicles.
  • Oerlikon 20 mm cannon – used on riverine crafts.
  • Bofors 40 mm gun – used on riverine crafts.
  • 105 mm Howitzer M101A1/M2A1.
  • 105 mm Howitzer M102.
  • 155 mm Howitzer M114.
  • M53 Self-propelled 155mm gun.
  • M55 Self-propelled 8-inch howitzer.

What size artillery was used in Vietnam?

How accurate was Vietnam artillery?

The 8-inch howitzer was the most accurate artillery weapon system in the US Army’s arsenal. It was capable of firing a 200 pound High Explosive (HE) projectile to a maximum range of 16,800 meters (10 miles). Its best known feature was its ability to hit “Point Targets” with consistent accuracy.

How much does a 105MM shell weight?

105mm C76A1 KE Technical Specifications

Type Classification Cartridge, 105mm, APFSDS-T, C76A1(FP105)
Cartridge Type 105MM APFSDS-T
Cartridge Length 36.5 inches (927mm)
Cartridge Weight 12.7 lbs (5.8 kg)
Projectile Weight 18.7 inches (475mm)