What Ameb grade is Liebestraum?

What Ameb grade is Liebestraum?

Grade 10

Composer Franz Liszt
Title Liebestraum – Nocturne no 3 Ab major S541
ID 541.03
Grade 10
Syllabus RCM

What is Liebestraum dream form?

Liebesträume (German for Dreams of Love) is a set of three solo piano works (S. 541/R. 211) by Franz Liszt, published in 1850. Originally the three Liebesträume were conceived as lieder after poems by Ludwig Uhland and Ferdinand Freiligrath.

Is Liebestraum No 3 harder than Fantasie Impromptu?

The Liebestraum is more difficult, to actually answer your question.

How long does it take to learn Liebestraum 3?

I think it takes about 3 months give or take to learn a piece like Liebestraum no. 2. I had worked on this piece for two months before bringing it to the Crescendo International Piano Competition (first place) and the American Prodigee International Piano Competition (honorable mention).

What is the story behind Liebestraum?

The Music. Number 3 is based on a poem written by German writer, Ferdinand Freliligrath. Entitled, O Lieb, so lang du lieben kannst (Love as long as love you can) the work depicts themes of love and the loss of love.

What was the poem that inspired Liebestraum?

“O lieb, so lang du lieben kannst” is an 1829 poem by the 19th-century German writer Ferdinand Freiligrath. Hungarian composer Franz Liszt set the first four verses in 1845 to music (soprano voice and piano), and later adapted it into the third of his Liebesträume (Dreams of Love).

Is Liebestraum an advanced piece?

You picked one of my favorite songs to practice, Liszt-Liebestraume. I think it is well near the advance level, I hope to learn it one day. I did play a more simplified version of it at one time though . Good luck to you on working on this piece and I think it will be well worth your effort!

Who plays the best Liszt?

Re: The best performers of Liszt The best recording of the concertos is the one with Kristian Zimerman / Ozawa.