What are flatbed loads paying?

What are flatbed loads paying?

Flatbed trucking rates The national average is around $3.07 per mile. This is well above the $2.27 per mile rate generated by dry van and van load-hauling trips. Higher per-mile rates mean higher salaries. As a flatbed truck driver, you could earn up to $15,000 more each year than with other equipment types.

What do flatbed drivers do?

Flatbed trucking is a type of trucking where you will haul over-sized or wide-load items. You might be transporting building supplies, like lumber, steel coils, shingles, and pipe. Or you could be hauling military vehicles, machinery, or even mobile homes.

Why do flatbed drivers make more money?

Myth 1: It doesn’t pay well. Truth: Flatbed trucking companies consistently pay drivers more per mile when compared to many other types of trucking. This is because the challenging nature of the work allows flatbed carriers to charge more for their services.

What pays more reefer or flatbed?

Reefer Trucker Average Pay. When comparing the earnings of a flatbed driver with that of a reefer driver, it is important to note that a reefer driver usually earns a few cents more per mile on average. The average pay of a flatbed trucker is $53,163 while that of a reefer is $58,748.

Do flatbed drivers drive at night?

I’m just going to say that for the most part flat-bedders have a schedule that allows them to drive mostly in the day, but there are times when a good driver will choose to drive at night. Also, I don’t think that just because they have a daytime schedule is a very good reason to choose flat-bed.

Is flatbed better than dry van?

Compared to dry vans, flatbeds typically have a larger maximum hauling capacity due to their option for an extended length or deeper well. Flatbeds can haul oversized loads. Items that are too big to fit inside a dry van trailer, such as big machinery equipment, can be loaded onto a flatbed for transport.

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