What are luciferase reporters?

What are luciferase reporters?

What is a Luciferase Reporter Assay? A luciferase reporter assay is a test that investigates whether a protein can activate or repress the expression of a target gene using luciferase as a reporter protein (Carter & Shieh, 2015).

Is luciferase a reporter protein?

A commonly used reporter gene is the luciferase gene from the firefly Photinus pyralis. This gene encodes a 61-kDa enzyme that oxidizes D-luciferin in the presence of ATP, oxygen, and Mg(++), yielding a fluorescent product that can be quantified by measuring the released light.

What is luciferase expression in mice?

Luciferase Expression Allows Bioluminescence Imaging But Imposes Limitations on the Orthotopic Mouse (4T1) Model of Breast Cancer.

Is a reporter a mouse?

A reporter Knockin mouse defines an animal model in which fluorescent, bioluminescent proteins or biochemical tags are inserted into the genome. The reporter can replace a gene, be fused to a protein or inserted into the 3′ UTR.

What is a luciferase reporter plasmid?

Luciferase-containing plasmids are commonly used to investigate the effect of regulatory elements, such as promoters, enhancers and untranslated regions, or the effect of mutations of these regulatory elements on gene expression.

What is luciferase reporter vector?

Panomics’ Luciferase Reporter Vectors are designed to monitor transcription factor binding activity in vivo through the use of the standard luciferase assay. Each Luciferase Reporter Vector contains multiple repeats of a specific transcription factor binding element.

What is the function of luciferase enzyme?

Luciferases are proteins with enzymatic activity that, in the presence of ATP, oxygen, and the appropriate substrate (typically luciferin), catalyze the oxidation of the substrate in a reaction that results in the emission of a photon.

What is a reporter gene NCBI?

Reporter genes refer to certain genes that encode proteins that can be easily distinguished from a background of endogenous proteins.

Is luciferase reporter lentivirus?

The STAT3 Luciferase Reporter Lentivirus are replication incompetent, HIV-based, VSV-G pseudotyped lentiviral particles that are ready to be transduced into almost all types of mammalian cells, including primary and non-dividing cells.

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