What are OmniPods mwo?

What are OmniPods mwo?

OmniPods. An OmniMech can use heads, limbs, and side torsos from any variant of the same ‘Mech, increasing versatility by allowing the mixing and matching of available hardpoints. Only the center torso cannot be changed. This also allows some manipulation of the Quirks.

What is Omni Mech?

An OmniMech is a highly configurable (sub-)type of BattleMech developed by Clan Coyote during the Golden Century. OmniMechs mount some (or all) of their loadout in modular OmniMech-compatible OmniPods.

Does Battletech have clan mechs?

The Battletech: Clan Invasion box set includes five iconic OmniMechs: the Timber Wolf, Executioner, Nova, Adder, and Mongrel.

How many Clans are in BattleTech?

twenty Clans
BattleTech Community Ads After much infighting between the members of the former SLDF, Aleksandr’s son Nicholas Kerensky took command of the exiles, reorganizing them into twenty Clans of warriors leading and protecting their attendant civilian castes.

What Mechs did Comstar use?

Comstar stockpiled a lot of mechs and equipment from just before the fall of the Star League. So they had a bunch of mechs with ferro armor, endo steel, double heat sinks, ER weapons, LBX cannons, Artemis fire control, Streaks, UACs, etc.

Did ComStar know about the clans?

As their massive fleet made its way towards the Inner Sphere, snatching up Periphery planets along the way, ComStar became aware of the Clans, and Primus Waterly decide they would be an excellent tool to help ComStar in their own mission.

How did ComStar beat the clans?

ComStar used Earth as its base, and partway through the Clan invasion, ComStar’s leaders realized that the Clans meant to take Earth itself. That was unacceptable, so ComStar stepped up and challenged the invader Clans with a formal declaration of war.

What Mechs did ComStar use?

Who won the battle of Tukayyid?

This article is about the 3052 battle itself….Update Needed.

Start Date May 3052
Location 14 cities and surrounding terrain
Planet Tukayyid
Result ComStar Victory