What are Slovakia Christmas traditions?

What are Slovakia Christmas traditions?

Slovakians celebrate Christmas Eve, which they call Generous Evening, by decorating the Christmas tree and sitting down to a Christmas Eve feast. An extra place is set at the table as a symbol of welcome to those who have nobody to share Christmas with.

Why is Christmas on the 24th in Slovakia?

You would say that Christmas starts on 24/25 Dec. But that’s not entirely true for Slovakia. Because most of the Slovaks are Christians, our Christmas starts 4 weeks ago, to be more exact 4 Sundays before the actual Christmas eve. This period is called Advent.

What is Slovak Christmas Eve dinner called?

From the straw scattered under the dining table to the honey that is spread onto thin oplatky to share among diners, the Slovak Christmas Eve meal — called the Vilija table — abounds with religious symbolism.

What are some traditions in Slovakia?

8 Traditions Only Slovaks Will Understand

  • Keeping fish in the bathtub before Christmas.
  • Taking a tree from the forest to decorate for May Day.
  • Cold water and wicker whips for Easter.
  • A wedding is not a wedding without a great moderator.
  • Drinking herbal liquor in the mountains.
  • Every meal starts with soup.

How do Slovakians say Merry Christmas?

The Christmas season is called “Vianoce”. If you want to wish Merry Christmas to your Slovak friends, remember the phrase “Veselé Vianoce.”

What do Slovaks eat on Christmas Eve?

The most common Christmas Eve traditions of Western Slovakia are: Slicing an apple. If the nucleus is star-shaped, the family will be healthy all year round. Carp scales are placed under the tablecloth of the Christmas table, or money directly, so that the family has enough money throughout the year.

What is Slovakia national dish?

bryndzové halušky
Dumplings with sheep’s cheese (bryndzové halušky) This is Slovakia’s national dish – so if you can only try one Slovak food, make it this one! Bryndzové refers to the high-quality, creamy, soft, locally produced sheep’s cheese that is unique to Slovakia.