What are some adjectives starting with M?

What are some adjectives starting with M?

25 Commonly Used M-Adjectives

  • magnetic – ability to attract.
  • main – primary, most important.
  • majestic – impressive beauty, dignified.
  • manicured – carefully maintained.
  • marketable – something that can be sold; fit to be purchased.
  • masterful – skillful; authoritative.
  • mature – fully grown or developed.

What is a positive adjective that starts with M?

Magnanimous generous, tolerant, understanding and noble in spirit; unselfish. Magnetic having an ability or power to attract; attractive. Magnificent grand, splendid or elegant in appearance; outstanding or exceptional for its kind. Maiden earliest or first; fresh; pure; virgin.

What are some unusual adjectives?


  • eccentric,
  • far-out,
  • kooky.
  • (also kookie),
  • oddball,
  • outlandish,
  • outré,
  • What are negative adjectives that start with M?

    List of Negative Adjectives that Start with M

    • Macabre.
    • Machiavellian.
    • Mad.
    • Maddened.
    • Maddening.
    • Maggoty.
    • Maimed.
    • Makeshift.

    What are some complex adjectives?

    Examples of compound adjectives

    • This is a four-foot table.
    • Daniella is a part-time worker.
    • This is an all-too-common error.
    • Beware of the green-eyed monster.
    • He is a cold-blooded man.
    • I love this brightly-lit room!
    • He is an obedient and well-behaved dog.
    • You have to be open-minded about things.

    What does it mean to be masterful?

    Definition of masterful 1a : inclined and usually competent to act as master. b : suggestive of a domineering nature. 2 : having or reflecting the power and skill of a master.

    What is the adjective of powerful?

    powerful. / (ˈpaʊəfʊl) / adjective. having great power, force, potency, or effect. extremely effective or efficient in actiona powerful drug; a powerful lens.

    What’s the weirdest word in English?

    Here are the 12 weirdest words in English:

    1. Gerrymandering.
    2. Fungus.
    3. Aa.
    4. Queue.
    5. Vex.
    6. Bequeath.
    7. Mixology.
    8. Flub.

    What are some advanced adjectives?

    We’ve got ten adjectives to get through so let’s just dive straight into this lesson and get started.

    • Explicit. Our first adjective is ‘explicit’.
    • Exponential. Hear that stress?
    • Specific.
    • Colloquial.
    • Delicate.
    • Coherent.
    • Eloquent.
    • Exquisite.