What are some synonyms of science?

What are some synonyms of science?

synonyms for science

  • art.
  • discipline.
  • education.
  • information.
  • learning.
  • skill.
  • system.
  • technique.

What is a synonym for unveil?

disclose, display, open, tell, bare, betray, discover, divulge, expose, show, spring, unbosom, uncover, bring to light, come out, give away, lay open, let it all hang out, make public, open up.

What is the same meaning of velveteen?

Velvet is a plush fabric made of silk, and velveteen is a similar fabric that’s made of cotton instead.

What is second name of science?

Answer: science, like: chemistry, botany, geography, geology, physics, cybernetics, physiology, social-science, discipline, skill and classified information.

What is scientist synonym?

synonyms for scientist

  • analyst.
  • chemist.
  • expert.
  • physicist.
  • examiner.
  • tester.
  • lab technician.
  • prober.

What is the meaning of word unveil?

Definition of unveil transitive verb. 1 : to remove a veil or covering from. 2 : to make public : divulge, reveal a good time to unveil their plans.

What is the opposite of unveil?

Opposite of to reveal or disclose a fact or information. conceal. hide. veil. cloak.

What is opposite of velvet?

Opposite of not necessarily restricted to the sense of touch. coarse. harsh. rough. scratchy.

What is the difference between velvet and velveteen?

First of all, velvet is made from silk, rayon, acetate, polyester, or a blend of these. Velveteen, on the other hand, is made from cotton. This makes the resulting fabric less dense and slightly stiffer.

What’s another word for glam?

What is another word for glam?

glamorous attractive
stylish beguiling
captivating chic
classy glitzy
intriguing dazzling

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