What are sweepers on radio?

What are sweepers on radio?

A radio sweeper is a short, pre-recorded sample used by radio stations as segues between songs that give listeners a brief station identifier or promo, generally 20 seconds or less: “You’re listening to the soft sounds of [NAME] radio. Easy listening throughout the Bay Area,” for example.

What is radio audio production?

An audio or creative producer and a content producer. Audio producers create sounds and audio specifically, content producers oversee and orchestrate a radio show or feature. The content producer might organize music choices, guests, callers for talk radio or competitions, timings, and overall show content.

What is a liner in broadcasting?

Liner – A written phrase that stand by themselves and are meant to communicate concise imaging. Typically, a DJ says a “liner” over an intro of a record or during a commercial break between songs and spots.

What is a radio stinger?

Stinger – A technique often used by radio DJs that is a sound or musical effect punctuating or emphasizing a thought. Stop set – This refers to the place where commercials are played during a typical broadcast hour. There may be several scattered throughout a typical 60 minute period.

What is a sweeper in advertising?

A radio sweeper is a recorded statement by a voice over artist. Script often will contain the station ID and radio slogan. Good practice is to keep it to approx 15-20 words. Most common practice is to produce them with vocal and sound fx.

What is Station Imaging?

Stationwide radio imaging aims to identify the station as a whole. This kind of imaging should encompass what your station is about and is often in the form of sweepers, which identify the station to the listeners in between songs or segments.

How does radio production work?

Radio producers plan, rehearse, and produce live or recorded programs. They work with the music, on-air personalities, sound effects, and technology to put together an entire radio show. They schedule interviews and arrange for promotional events.

What is the process of radio production?

There are three stages in programme production process, i.e., pre-production, production and post-production. While planning is required at every stage, extensive planning is required at the pre-production stage when the programme is conceived and all the necessary preparations made.

What are radio hosts called?

A radio personality who hosts a radio show is also known as a radio host, and in India and Pakistan as a radio jockey. Radio personalities who introduce and play individual selections of recorded music are known as disc jockeys or “DJs” for short.

What is a radio teaser?

If you like to buy a single song you can have a short random listening and this is also called teaser.

What is a stinger production?

Stinger. Stinger is the film industry nick-name given to the common extension cord. The main difference bewteen a stinger and a regular extension cord is that a singer is made of industry standard, high quality cable that is rated for the full amperage requirement of industry lights and tools.

What is an audio bumper?

An audio bumper is a brief sound clip at the beginning or end of an audio work that states the license the work is under and the author(s).

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