What are the 7 ICAO regions?

What are the 7 ICAO regions?

Regional Structure History and Current Status

  • ​Africa-Indian Ocean Region (AFI);
  • Asia Region (ASIA);
  • Caribbean Region (CAR);
  • European Region (EUR);
  • Middle East Region (MID);
  • North American Region (NAM);
  • North Atlantic Region (NAT);
  • ​Pacific Region (PAC);

How many ICAO regional offices are there?

ICAO has a headquarters, seven regional offices, and one regional sub-office: Headquarters – Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Asia and Pacific (APAC) – Bangkok, Thailand; Sub-office – Beijing, China. Eastern and Southern African (ESAF) – Nairobi, Kenya.

Where are the headquarters of ICAO?

Montreal, CanadaInternational Civil Aviation Organization / Headquarters

Why does ICAO have regional offices?

The Regional Office ensures interregional coordination and promotes the timely and harmonized implementation of ICAO Strategic Objectives, policies and decisions.

How many air navigation regions are there in ICAO?

Eight current Air Navigation Regions.

How many states are members of ICAO?

193 Member States
The following States were elected from among ICAO’s 193 Member States to the Organization’s 36 Member Governing Council during the 2019 ICAO Assembly.

What are the general responsibilities of ICAO regional offices?

1) Air Navigation Functions, including, assisting, expediting and following up of: action by States to implement regional plans and regional supplementary procedures; and. implementation of ICAO Standards, Recommended Practices and procedures.

How many annexes does ICAO have?

19 annexes
The Convention on the International Civil Aviation Organization, also known as the Chicago Convention, is composed of 19 annexes containing the basic standards and recommended practices (SARPs) of the international civil aviation.

What are the functions of ICAO?

The world aviation organization that is included in the United Nations called ICAO is an agency under the United Nations whose activities are to prepare international civil aviation regulations, carry out distribution and monitor and evaluate their implementation.

What are the objectives of ICAO?

ICAO Council (36 States)

  • Air Navigation Capacity and Efficiency.
  • Air Navigation Capacity and Efficiency.
  • Security and Facilitation.
  • Security and Facilitation.
  • Economic Development.
  • Economic Development.
  • Environmental Protection.
  • Environmental Protection.

How is ICAO structured?

According to the terms of the Convention, signed by all Member States, ICAO is made up of an Assembly, a Council and a Secretariat. The organization is governed by two chief officers: the Secretary General and the President of the Council. More details on the internal structure can be found here.

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