What are the 9 tournaments of football?

What are the 9 tournaments of football?


  • European Championship (UEFA)
  • The Copa America (CONMEBOL)
  • African Cup of Nations (CAF)
  • The Asian Cup (AFC)
  • The CONCACAF Gold Cup.
  • The OFC Nations Cup (OFC)

How many types of football tournaments are there?

Nine types of tournaments or leagues are described in this book: single elimination, double elimination, multilevel, straight round robin, round robin double split, round robin triple split, round robin quadruple split, semi-round robins, and extended (such as ladder and pyramid tournaments).

What is the biggest competition in football?

the World Cup
There is no greater competition than the World Cup. The European Championship may have a greater variety of winners. The Champions League may provide better football. However, nothing matches the prestige of lifting the FIFA World Cup.

Which football tournament is best?

Top 10 Best Football Tournaments in the world right now

  1. FIFA World Cup. Talking about the football cup it is not doubted that the top 1 position is of the FIFA World Cup.
  2. UEFA European Championship.
  3. Copa America.
  4. AFC Asian Cup.
  5. FIFA Club World Cup.
  6. UEFA Champions League.
  7. EUFA Europa League.
  8. FA Cup.

What are the three types of tournament used in football?

Basic types of tournaments Singles – one player per team. French: tête-à-tête (head-to-head) Doubles – two players per team. French: doublette.

What are the different types of tournament?

Different types of tournaments are — Knock-out or Elimination Tournament (Single Knock- out or Single Elimination, Consolation Type I and Type II, C Double Knock-out or Double Elimination), League or Round Robin Tournament (Single League, and Double League), Combination Tournament (Knock-out cum Knock-out, Knock-out …

What are the most important football tournaments?

Here are the best and most famous football competitions in the world

  1. FIFA World Cup. “FIFA World Cup Trophy” by warrenski is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.
  2. European Football Championship.
  3. Copa America.
  4. UEFA Champions League.
  5. African Cup of Nations.
  6. FA Cup.
  7. Women’s World Cup.
  8. FIFA Club World Cup.

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