What are the assertions in SoapUI?

What are the assertions in SoapUI?

Assertions are used to validate the message received by a TestStep during execution. It compares the part of the message or the entire message to some expected value. Any number of assertions can be added to a TestStep, each validating some different aspect and content of the response message.

How do I change the font size in SoapUI?

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  1. Go to File > Preferences (Ctrl-Alt-P) > Editor Settings.
  2. Select Font and size of font click Ok.
  3. Select Ok on SoapUI Preferences window.
  4. Click on File > Save Preferences.
  5. Restart Editor.

How use XPath match assertion in SoapUI?

SoapUI Assertion – XPath Match

  1. Step 1 − After clicking Add Assertion, select Assertion Category – Property Content.
  2. Step 2 − Then, select Assertion Type – XPath Match and click Add.
  3. Step 3 − For declaring XML Namespace, click the ‘Declare’ button, which would do the job, else manually declare a namespace.

What are the assertions in API?

Assertions allow you to validate HTTP responses in your API tests….The available assertions are described below:

  • Status code.
  • JSON path data.
  • JSON validation.
  • XPath XML data (XML/HTML)
  • Response header.
  • Response time.
  • Response text.
  • HTML validation.

What are the various assertions in API you assert?

Different types of Asserts in Postman

  • Assert on Response Time.
  • Assert on Response Status Code.
  • Assert on Response Status Code Meaning.
  • Assert on Response Type.
  • Assert on Response Header.
  • Assert for Multiple Status Code.
  • Assert on Response Text.

What are the different types of assertions used in SoapUI Mcq?

The following are the different types of assertions:

  • Contains & Not Contains.
  • XPath match.
  • XQuery match.
  • Schema compliance.
  • Soap Faults.
  • Response SLA.
  • WS security Status.
  • Script Assertion.

What is XPath assertion?

The XPath Match assertion allows you to use an XPath expression to select content from the target request or response node and compare it with the value you expect. Important notes: This assertion applies only to requests and responses with XML data in the body.

What is script assertion in SoapUI?

The Script-Assertion allows for arbitrary validation of a message, which included message content, HTTP headers, etc. Validation scripts are written in the project scripting language (Groovy or JavaScript) and are executed whenever the assertion-status of the containing sampler TestStep is updated.

How do I create an assertion in SoapUI?

Step 1: Now after clicking on ‘Add New Assertions’ button,

  1. Select the Assertion Category.
  2. Select the Assertion Type – In this case ‘XPath Match’
  3. Click ‘Add’

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