What are the best construction company in Uganda?

What are the best construction company in Uganda?

The 10 Best Construction companies in Uganda

  • #1. SBI International Holdings Uganda.
  • #2. Ambitious Construction Company Ltd Uganda.
  • #3. Orlando Engineering & Construction company Ltd.
  • Contact details.
  • #4. Roko Construction Ltd.
  • #5. Krishna Construction Ltd.
  • #6. Nexus Uganda Limited.
  • #7. Excel Construction Ltd.

Which is the biggest construction company in Uganda?

Below is a list of the top five commercial construction companies in Uganda:

  1. SBI International Holdings (UG)
  2. Roko Construction Limited.
  3. Krishna Construction Co.
  4. Raghwani Construction.
  5. Seyani International Company Limited.

How do I start a construction company in Uganda?

How to Start a Construction Business in Uganda

  1. The two leading players in a market.
  2. Your simple business plan should include;
  3. Choose and reserve a business name.
  4. Register your company.
  5. Trading License.
  6. Developer’s license.
  7. General liability insurance.
  8. Disability insurance.

Who owns Roko construction?

ROKO Construction Company

Type Private
Key people Jean Mann Koehler Chairperson Mark Koehler Managing Director/CEO
Services Commercial construction
Number of employees 857 (Full Time) 1,181 (Temporary) Total: 2,038 (2021)
Website Homepage

Is starting a construction company a good idea?

Starting a construction company has another advantage: making a positive impact in the community. Construction companies build homes for growing families, and create large civic structures, libraries, schools, museums and hospitals. They also work to keep bridges and roads safe for commuters.

How do I set up a construction company?

How to start up a construction based business

  1. Research the construction industry.
  2. Decide which construction services to offer.
  3. Consider your work rate.
  4. Certification.
  5. Price your construction services.
  6. Promote your construction business.
  7. Offering finance.
  8. Buy an existing construction firm.

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