What are the characteristics of a loyalist?

What are the characteristics of a loyalist?

Loyalists were those colonials who were loyal to the King of England. They may not have agreed with the policies and laws of the Crown, but they knew they had a duty to uphold the laws and remain loyal to the government that controlled their daily lives.

What did the Patriots believe in?

THE PATRIOTS Patriots wanted the Thirteen colonies to gain independence from Britain. They wanted to create their own laws and to form the United States of America. The Patriots wanted freedom from British rule because they didn’t think they were treated well.

What did it mean to be a loyalist?

Definition of loyalist : one who is or remains loyal especially to a political cause, party, government, or sovereign.

What do the Loyalists think of loyalty?

Some Loyalists were servants or slaves. They felt that the way to freedom was not through American independence. In “The Price of Loyalty,” there are accounts of a kidnapped servant trying to get back to England and of a slave who wanted to remain with the British.

What are some reasons to be a loyalist?

Loyalists, often called Tories, were loyal to the crown for several reasons. They were mostly upper class and lived in cities and wanted to keep their wealth and land. Many had valuable ties with the British and jobs in the government.

Why should you be a loyalist instead of a patriot?

Some of these people feared that becoming a rebel would put those family members in danger. Patriotism – Being a Loyalist meant that you supported your country, Great Britain, and your ruler, King George III. People who still loved the country they were raised in wanted to protect it from rebels.

What did a patriot want?

Patriots were people who wanted the American colonies to gain their independence from Britain. They wanted their own country called the United States.

What is an example of loyalist?

One of the most prominent group of Loyalists were, maybe not surprisingly, the African-American slave population. The British promised them freedom and station in Great Britain in return for their support during the Revolutionary War.

Why should you be a Loyalist instead of a patriot?

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