What are the classification of pteridophyte?

What are the classification of pteridophyte?

The three different types of pteridophytes include: Ferns. Horsetails. Lycopods or Lycophytes.

What are the 4 classes of pteridophytes give examples?

The four classes of pteridohytes are Psilopsida , Lycopsida, Sphenopsida , pteropsida and example are club-mosses and horsetails . Explanation: pteridohytes are vascular plants and have leaves (known as fronds) , roots and sometimes true stems , and tree ferns have full trunks .

What is pteridophytes Slideshare?

Pteridophytes are vascular plants and have leaves (known as fronds), roots and sometimes true stems, and tree ferns have full trunks. Examples include ferns, horsetails and club-mosses. Fronds in the largest species of ferns can reach some six metres in length!

What are the four characteristics of pteridophytes?

The general characteristics of Pteridophytes are:

  • They are seedless.
  • They are multicellular.
  • They reproduce through spores.
  • They are independent and free-living organisms.
  • They have a well-differentiated plant body into root, stem and leaves.

How are pteridophytes classified write in brief?

Hint: A pteridophyte is a free-sporing vascular plant with xylem and phloem. On the basis of nature and relation of leaf and stem vascular anatomy and position of sporangia, they are classified into four main classes – Psilopsida, Lycopsida, Sphenopsida and Pteropsida.

What are the five subdivision of pteridophytes?

(i) It includes both fossil (e.g., Lepidodendron) and living Pteridophytes (five living genera e.g., lycopodium, Phylloglossum, Isoetes, Stylites and Selaginella). (ii) Its history indicates that these Pteridophytes developed during the Devonian period of the Palaeozoic era.

How many classes exist under Pteridophyta?

Classification of Pteridophyta: 4 Classes | Botany.

What is the life cycle of pteridophytes?

The life cycle of pteridophytes is a continuous reproductive process that is dominated by the sporophyte (sexual) stage of the alternation of generations. Fern spores are catapulted into the air, and the spores develop into heart-shaped haploid gametophytes that contain both male and female sex organs.

What is pteridophytes life cycle?

How many sub divisions are there in pteridophytes?

(1952), the name of the division should end in the suffix-phyta, of a sub-division in-phytina and a class in -opsida. On this basis Wardlaw (1955) divided the Pteridophytes into four divisions: (1) Psilopsida: Sub-division Psilopsida (according to Wardlaw, 1955) or Division Psilophyta (according to Smith.