What are the core values of BDO?

What are the core values of BDO?

Our four Core Values complement each other and are all equally important.

  • HONESTY AND INTEGRITY. Be transparent, genuine and fair.
  • MUTUAL SUPPORT AND RESPECT. Value and support each other.
  • PROFESSIONAL AND PERSONAL CLIENT RELATIONSHIPS. Understand the person as well as the business.

What is the culture of BDO?

Empowerment through knowledge. Choose accountability. These are BDO’s core values, the set of standards for the work we do, the way we treat our clients, and the way we treat each other. They guide us through the challenges of our profession, and they are what make BDO a dynamic and supportive working environment.

What is the vision statement of BDO?

Vision Statement We shall have the most extensive market reach and shall be composed of highly trained, technically competent and upright professionals working as a team and contributing to the growth of the nation and the communities we serve.

What does BDO company stand for?

In 1973, the organisation adopted the name BDO, made up from the initials of the three founding firms: Binder (UK), Dijker (Netherlands) and Otte (Germany).

What is the value proposition of BDO?

BDO’s primary Employment Value Proposition (“EVP”) is that relationships matter: those we build with clients, and those we foster internally with colleagues. By focusing on our EVP attributes, we can ensure that we are placing the right people in the right environment, resulting in exceptional client service.

What is the CSR of Banco de Oro?

The Bank’s corporate social responsibility focuses on developing communities through advocacy programs focusing on three vital areas, namely, decent shelter, sustainable livelihood, and practical education for the marginalized sector of society.

Why do you want to join BDO?

Working at BDO enhances your professional development at all stages of your career. Few firms offer the same breadth and quality of work, responsibility and experience. We recognise and reward your high performance and offer our people the opportunity to excel, progress and share in our success.

What is the mission and vision of BDO company?

Our mission is providing exceptional client service experiences to all our customers, which are perceived as high quality assured, risk & cost aware and business value driven, beyond their expectation, that enables realization of their strategic aspirations, their needs and expectations.

What is the unique selling proposition of BDO?

BDO Unibank’s unique selling proposition or USP lies in being the largest banking company in Philippines. BDO Unibank’s mission statement reads, “To be the preferred bank in every market we serve.”

What are the strengths of BDO?

BDO International is guided by the common vision shared by all member firms, which are mentioned below, aimed at providing exceptional services. Making efforts to achieve the common vision is one of the greatest strengths of BDO International.

What is BDO tagline?

To be honest, BDO’s slogan “We find ways” stays very true to its essence. Being a BDO client for years now, I’ve always experienced better and more convenient ways of banking.