What are the different levels in Unique Learning System?

What are the different levels in Unique Learning System?

Designated to ensure standards mastery, grade bands include Pre-K, Elementary (K–2), Intermediate (3–5), Middle School (6–8), High School (9–12) and Transition.

What is the purpose of Unique Learning System?

Unique Learning System’s instructional tools provide point-of-use alignment to general education standards as well as state extended standards, helping teachers deliver age-appropriate, differentiated lessons that are achievable and standards aligned.

How do I assign a job on n2y?

It’s incredibly easy to assign lessons, activities, or library books as homework for the whole class or individual students. Just look for the icon on the Teacher Dashboard or assign homework through My Plan.

How do I use the Unique Learning System virtually?

How I use Unique Learning System™ in my virtual classroom

  1. Take screenshots of your lesson.
  2. Import the screenshots as images into Google Slides™ or other presentation programs.
  3. Customize your activity. You can add text boxes for students to type in answers. You can also use drag and drop to solicit student participation.

What is Level 3 in Unique Learning System?

The three levels are further explained below: Level 3 Learners – can read text and can participate more independently in the lesson. Level 2 Learners- require pictorial support and require mild to moderate support to participate in the lesson.

What type of curriculum is Unique Learning System?

Unique Learning System is an online, interactive, standards-based curriculum specifically designed for students with special needs.

What is a GPS student?

Performance-Based Assessment for the Global Age Asia Society’s Graduation Performance System (GPS) prepares students for a global, innovation-driven future. Students, their parents, and businesses want our education system to build global competence and college and career readiness.