What are the dimensions of the Honda Jazz?

What are the dimensions of the Honda Jazz?

Honda Jazz dimensions: exterior

Honda Jazz dimensions: exterior Compared with similar cars
Length 3995mm Average
Width without mirrors 1694mm Average
Width with mirrors 1980mm Average
Height 1550mm Taller than average

How long is a Honda Jazz 2009?

Honda Jazz Dimensions 2009

Honda Jazz Height 1525mm
Honda Jazz Width 1695mm
Honda Jazz Length 3900mm
Honda Jazz Ground clearance unladen 150mm
Honda Jazz Wheelbase 2500mm

How wide is a 2009 Honda Fit?

66.7″2009 Honda Fit / Width

How long is the 09 Honda Fit?

161.6″2009 Honda Fit / Length

How long is a Honda Jazz in Metres?

What Is The Length Of Honda Jazz?

Honda Jazz Length
Millimetres 3989mm
Centimetres 398.9cm
Metres 3.989m
Inches 157.05in

How long is a Honda Jazz in feet?

What is the dimensions of Honda Jazz?

Dimensions in MM in Feet
Length 3989 13.08
Width 1694 5.55
Height 1544 5.06
Wheelbase 2530 8.3

When did Honda Jazz change shape?

Third generation (2013 – 2019) Launched in Japan in 2013, the Fit/Jazz improved upon its winning formula, but mixed this with new running gear and even more interior space.

What is a Honda Jazz Si?

The latest special edition Jazz, called the Si, is aiming to add some driving fun in to the package but does it work? The Si is definitely one Honda Jazz that will stand out from the rest. The bumpers are more edgy, there’s a set of aggressive side skirts, tinted rear windows and 16-inch alloy wheels.

How much does a 2009 Honda Fit weigh?

2,489 to 2,604 lbs2009 Honda Fit / Curb weight

What is the ground clearance on a 2009 Honda Fit?

Honda Fit Ground Clearance

Trims Ground Clearance, mm
1.5 MT EX 150
1.5 MT LX 150
1.5 AT EX 150
1.5 AT EX-L 150

How long is the Honda Jazz Boot space?

304 litres
The boot measures a decent 304 litres, expanding to 1,205 litres if you fold down the back seats.