What are the Holden Ute models?

What are the Holden Ute models?

Holden Ute models

  • Belmont.
  • Chev Luv.
  • Colorado.
  • Commodore.
  • Crewman.
  • EH.
  • EJ.
  • EK.

What year was the last Holden Ute made?

The bright red 2017 Holden VF was the last vehicle to be assembled, welded together and painted in an auto body shop on Australian soil. Holden ceased production in Australia after the closure of its last factory in Elizabeth, 24 kilometres north of Adelaide, in October 2017.

How much did the last Holden Ute sell for?

A 2017 HSV W1 Maloo ute – one of four built after the closure of the Holden factory – sold for a record $1.050 million at the weekend. And the last Holden to roll out of the Australia factory – a Holden VF Series II SSV Redline with just 102 kilometres on the clock – sold for a record $750,000 under the hammer.

How much is a Ford Ute?

Ford Falcon Pricing and Specs. The Ford Falcon is available from $21,900 to $62,480 for the 2017 range of models in Sedan and Ute body types.

What are the Holden Utes called?

The Holden Ute was a coupe utility built by Holden, the Australian subsidiary of General Motors, since 2000….

Holden Ute
Also called Chevrolet Lumina Pontiac G8 Sport Truck
Production 2000–2017
Body and chassis
Body style 2-door coupe utility

Did they make a VS SS ute?

With the VS Series III Ute update, a limited edition (300) of the Ute SS were produced. Only minor revisions were made with the Series III, including a silver-highlighted grille surround, new seat and door trim fabrics and a rear bulkhead storage net.

How many EJ Holden Utes were made?

A total of 154,811 EJs were produced — including Holden’s one-millionth car — over the model’s 13-month production life.

What is the most powerful Holden ute?

GTS Maloo to land later this year, priced from about $85,000. Some might consider it the ultimate utility, others merely an exercise in futility. Either way, Holden has confirmed it will build the world’s fastest production ute from later this year: the GTS Maloo.

What is the most expensive Holden in Australia?

It’s currently held by Peter Brock’s personal 1985 VK Commodore SS Group A, which sold for $1,057,000 in 2021. This is the same ‘Yellah’ GTSR W1 Maloo that was up for sale with Lloyds Auctions in September 2021.

Do Ford still make utes?

The Blue Oval in Australia was credited as being the first company to create what we know as a ute – a two-seater utility on a car platform. With the Ford Falcon ceasing production in 2016, and the Holden Commodore a year later, so the story of the car-based ute ended.

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