What are the new features in the new iOS?

What are the new features in the new iOS?

New iOS 15 features include the ability to unlock your iPhone while wearing a face mask and the option to copy text from photos with Live Text. iOS 15 is the latest release of Apple’s iPhone operating system, and its subsequent iterations come with a variety of important updates to previous features.

What cool things can you do with the new iPhone update?

Key Features and Enhancements

  • Face ID. Use Face ID with a mask. With iOS 15.4, you can use Face ID while wearing a mask.
  • FaceTime. SharePlay: Watch together.
  • Messages. Shared with You.
  • Memoji. Clothing.
  • Focus. Focus.
  • Notifications. New look for notifications.
  • Maps. Interactive globe.
  • Safari. Bottom tab bar.

What are the advantages of iOS?


  • Excellent UI and fluid responsive.
  • Developers can design apps because less number of models.
  • Metal and shiny coating are ultimate for Apple devices.
  • Jailbreaking for customization.
  • Generates less heat when compared to Android.
  • Excellent for media entertainment.
  • Suits for business and gaming.
  • iOS Is More “Intuitive”

What are the features of iOS operating system?

The essential iOS 13 features you need to know about

  • Dark mode. Apple / WIRED.
  • Revamped Maps app. Apple / WIRED.
  • Siri improvements.
  • A smarter Photos app.
  • Completely redesigned Reminders app.
  • New iMessage, Mail and Notes features.
  • Huge updates to the Health app.
  • Big privacy upgrades.

Will iPhone 8 be obsolete soon?

Although it’s quite old, the iPhone 8 is still receiving updates and will continue to do so until 2022. This applies to the iPhone 8 Plus as well. Apple renders support for devices 5-6 years after they’ve been released. Since the iPhone 8 was released in 2017, you should also receive iOS 16 on it.

How do I get the most out of my iPhone 8?

25 Essential iPhone 8 Tips and Tricks

  1. Make the most of your iPhone 8.
  2. Transfer data to your new iPhone.
  3. Shoot photos with Portrait Lighting.
  4. Edit portrait shots after the fact.
  5. Send money to a friend.
  6. Ask Siri to play a podcast.
  7. Charge your phone without lightning.
  8. Control your video resolution.

What tricks can iPhone do?

Awesome iPhone tips and tricks you need to know

  • Find your iPhone in the dark.
  • How to measure someone’s height.
  • Magically jump to the top of an app or website.
  • Use the Apple logo as a button.
  • Record a video with music playing in the background.
  • Become a Calculator app pro.
  • Open recently closed tabs on mobile Safari.

What are disadvantages of iOS?


  • Same icons with same look on home screen even after upgrades.
  • Too simple & doesn’t support computer work as in other OS.
  • No widget support for iOS apps that are also costly.
  • Limited device use as platform runs only on Apple devices.
  • Doesn’t provide NFC and radio is not in-built.

What is the purpose of iOS?

Based on Mac OS, the operating system which runs Apple’s line of Mac desktop and laptop computers, Apple iOS is designed for easy, seamless networking between a range of Apple products.