What are the social classes in the pearl?

What are the social classes in the pearl?

The Theme of Class Struggle in The Pearl In The Pearl by John Steinbeck, there are two exceedingly distinct classes: The Indians and the Spanish. Not only are these two classes separated by race, but they are also separated by other factors. A clear struggle is seen between these two classes.

What are social novels and how is the pearl an example of one?

The Pearl, by John Steinbeck, can be interpreted as a social criticism novel by including poverty, economic inequality, and having characters come across as egotistical. The author states, “’The doctor would not come’ Kino said to Juana… ‘Then we will go to him.

What social class are Kino and his family?

Kino struggles to be accepted in society and to achieve better life because Kino belongs to the lower class and there are different social treatments for upper class in The Pearl. Penelitian ini membahas tentang representasi perjuangan kelas dalam novel The Pearl karya John Steinbeck.

How are the people divided in the story the pearl?

The people are divided in the story by the material construction of their homes. As a poor fisherman, Kino lives in a brush house as opposed to the…

How is poverty shown in the Pearl?

Poverty is identity in John Steinbeck’s The Pearl, and the main character Kino, a poor fisherman, manifests a transformation in his identity upon discovering a magnificent pearl, one which he believes, initially, can transform him from a poor and powerless man to a rich and self-sufficient one, beholden to no one.

How is justice shown in the Pearl?

Divine justice is served in The Pearl when Kino loses his son. Coyotito’s death is a parody of divine justice, and proof that, in the world of the novella, the divine is either absent or uninvolved.

How is poverty shown in the pearl?

What are the major themes in the pearl?


  • Greed as a Destructive Force. As Kino seeks to gain wealth and status through the pearl, he transforms from a happy, contented father to a savage criminal, demonstrating the way ambition and greed destroy innocence.
  • The Roles of Fate and Agency in Shaping Human Life.
  • Colonial Society’s Oppression of Native Cultures.

What does Juana symbolize in the pearl?

Juana also symbolizes the family’s domestic happiness; the scene in which Kino beats her for trying to cast off the pearl thus represents Kino’s tragic break from the family he longs to support.

What are the 3 main conflicts in the pearl?

Self, Character vs. Society, Character vs. Nature, or Character vs. Technology.

What are the conflicts in the pearl?

major conflict After finding a magnificent pearl, Kino seeks to sell it to acquire wealth. He wishes for his son’s wound to heal, and for his son to obtain an education and become an equal to the European colonists who keep his people in a state of ignorance and poverty.

How is greed shown in the pearl?

The pearl has unleashed basic greed in the fishing town. While Juana had initially prayed to find a pearl simply to have the money to pay the doctor, the pearl quickly comes to symbolize the possibility of personal gain for everyone in the town.