What are the star events FCCLA?

What are the star events FCCLA?

Students Taking Action with Recognition (STAR) Events are Competitive Events in which members compete at the region/district, state, and national level and are recognized for proficiency and achievement in chapter and individual projects, leadership skills, and career preparation.

What are the 4 levels to star events FCCLA?


  • Level 1 – Members through grade 8.
  • Level 2 – Members in grades 9 and 10.
  • Level 3 – Members in grades 11 and 12.
  • Level 4 – Postsecondary members.

How many competitive events can members participate in FCCLA?

Members may choose from 50+ Competitive Events which apply skills and knowledge gained through Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) education.

What are the three steps of the FCCLA membership campaign be part of it?

Remember the 3 R’s of Membership. Recruit, Retain, and Recognize youth for success, growth, and development of the FCCLA chapter.

What is the planning process for FCCLA?

The FCCLA planning process is the five-step chapter management tool that helps members select and carry out projects to fit their needs and concerns. FCCLA members use the planning process to sort out thoughts, analyze situations, and plan for specific goals.

What are the four units of student body?

Student Body Units

  • The Healthy You – empowering teens to make wise food and lifestyle choices.
  • The Fit You – empowering teens to take charge of their health and their level of fitness.
  • The Real You – empowering teens to maintain positive mental health.

What is FCCLA’s method for making decisions and organizing events called?

the FCCLA Planning Process
The FCCLA motto is Toward New Horizons. FCCLA’s method for making decisions and organizing events is called the FCCLA Planning Process. FCCLA colors are red and white.

What are the 3 R’s of membership campaigning?

What is the name of the FCCLA membership campaign?

Go For the Red
Go For the Red, FCCLA’s annual membership campaign, provides incentives for members and chapters working to increase membership. Go For the Red empowers students to recruit, retain, and recognize members.

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