What are the stock sprockets for DR650?

What are the stock sprockets for DR650?

DR650: Drivetrain

Chain Size: Front Sprocket: Rear Tire:
520×114 (’90-’95) 525×110 (’96-Cur) 16T (’90-’95) 15T (’96-Cur) 120/90-17

What forks fit DR650?

Early model DR650’s (1990-1995) used 41mm Forks, while 1996 on DR650’s used 43mm Forks, both of them Kayaba Conventional units.

Where is the DR650 manufactured?

The Suzuki DR650 is a 644 cc (39.3 cu in) single-cylinder dual-sport motorcycle made by Suzuki since 1990 as a replacement for the 590 cc (36 cu in) Suzuki DR600….Suzuki DR650.

1992 model year
Manufacturer Suzuki
Production Since 1990
Assembly Japan
Engine 644 cc (39.3 cu in), 4-stroke, SOHC, 4-valve, air/oil cooled, single

How do you break in a dr650?

Just take it easy for the first tank of gas. Ride for 15 minutes. Let it cool down completely, ride for 30 minutes, let it cool, ride for another 30 minutes, let it cool. Vary the throttle speed (go through the gears often) on the first 3 rides.

What’s the difference between 520 and 525 chains?

The 5 part just describes the distance between the centers of the link pins (or wherever on the links, basically how long a link is) and the next two numbers describe the width of the chain. So a 520 chain is going to be narrower than a 525(and thus require a narrower front and rear sprocket) and lighter…

How much fork oil does a DR650 take?

Manual says 565 ml (19 US ounces) of 10# fork oil per leg. Fork oil height is 6.5″ from the top with fork compressed and spring removed.

Will Suzuki make a new DR650?

The DR650SE is one of the most versatile motorcycles ever made, from commuting, courier work, weekend toy to all out hardcore adventure touring, the DR650SE is built to be able to handle it all….Additional Information.

Brand Suzuki
Condition New
Category/Type DUAL Adventure Touring
Model Year 2022
Lams Bike Yes

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