What are the two types of interactions that produce radiation?

What are the two types of interactions that produce radiation?

The photoelectric interaction captures all photon energy and deposits it within the material, whereas the Compton interaction removes only a portion of the energy, and the remainder continues as scattered radiation. The combination of the two types of interactions produces the overall attenuation of the x-ray beam.

How does EMR interact with matter?

Microwave Interactions The interaction of microwaves with matter other than metallic conductors will be to rotate molecules and produce heat as result of that molecular motion. Conductors will strongly absorb microwaves and any lower frequencies because they will cause electric currents which will heat the material.

What are the 4 types radiation?

There are four major types of radiation: alpha, beta, neutrons, and electromagnetic waves such as gamma rays. They differ in mass, energy and how deeply they penetrate people and objects.

What is radiative interaction?

If very energetic radiation interacts with matter, it causes a large number of processes involving energy transfer to other particles and the development of other particle forms, which in turn also interact with matter. This can lead to an electron positron pair that can produce braking X-rays, etc.

What are the two interactions of matter are important in diagnostic radiology?

X-rays in the diagnostic range interact with matter primarily via two major processes, which are fundamental in understanding how an image is formed in a radiographic exam. These processes are the: photoelectric effect. Compton scatter.

What type of radiation is produced after a Compton interaction?

Compton effect or Compton scatter is one of principle forms of photon interaction. It is the main cause of scattered radiation in a material. It occurs due to the interaction of the photon (x-ray or gamma) with free electrons (unattached to atoms) or loosely bound valence shell (outer shell) electrons.

What is EMR interaction?

Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is energy that propagates through vacuum (free space) or through material media in the form of an advancing interaction between electric and magnetic fields. It can make itself manifest by its interaction with matter.

What type of radiation is emitted from mobile phones?

Cell phones emit radiation in the radiofrequency region of the electromagnetic spectrum. Second-, third-, and fourth-generation cell phones (2G, 3G, 4G) emit radiofrequency in the frequency range of 0.7–2.7 GHz. Fifth-generation (5G) cell phones are anticipated to use the frequency spectrum up to 80 GHz.