What are the types of resolution in remote sensing?

What are the types of resolution in remote sensing?

In remote sensing we refer to three types of resolution: spatial, spectral and temporal.

What is resolution in remote sensing PPT?

 Resolution refers to the dimension spectral and number of wavelength regions (or band) in the EM spectrum to which the sensor is sensitive.  Based on the spectral resolution the sensors fall into the following groups: Broad-band, Narrow band, spectral and hyper spectral sensors.

What are the types of image resolution?

2 Resolution (spatial, temporal, spectral, and radiometric) Several different characteristics affect the detail that can be resolved (seen) in an image. These are traditionally referred to as the four types of image resolution.

What is the best resolution in remote sensing?

The finest resolution as of now is 30cm provided by very high-resolution commercial satellites.

What are the different types of resolutions in digital image explain?

Image resolution can be measured in various ways like spatial, spectral, temporal and radiometric resolutions. Spatial resolution can broadly be described as the ground surface area that forms one pixel in the satellite image. Spectral resolution describes ability of a sensor to define fine wavelength intervals.

What is resolution of a sensor?

The sensor resolution or measurement resolution is the smallest change that can be detected in the quantity that it is being measured. The resolution of a sensor with a digital output is usually the numerical resolution of the digital output.

What are the different types of resolution used in digital image?


  • Pixel count.
  • Spatial resolution.
  • Spectral resolution.
  • Temporal resolution.
  • Radiometric resolution.

How many types of resolutions are known in remote sensing digital image processing parlance?

Remotely sensed images are generated based on four different types of resolutions: Spectral. Spatial.

What is sensor resolution with example?

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