What are the watchkeeping duties?

What are the watchkeeping duties?

The main duties of an Officer on Watch are as follows:

  • Comparing the compasses.
  • Checking the gyro for errors.
  • Check soundings by the echo sounder.
  • Ensure that the lookout is alert.
  • Handover with the outgoing OOW.
  • General rounds of the ship.

How many of months do you need to perform bridge watchkeeping duties?

six (6)
perform, during the required seagoing service, bridge watchkeeping duties under the supervision of the master or a qualified officer for a period of not less than six (6) months.

What are the restrictions on crossing the channel or fairway?

The Rule also forbids ships to cross a narrow channel or fairway “if such crossing impedes the passage of a vessel which can safely navigate only within such channel or fairway.” The meaning “not to impede” was classified by an amendment to Rule 8 in 1987.

Do ships still use lookouts?

Every vessel must at all times keep a proper look-out by sight (day shape or lights by eyes or visual aids), hearing (sound signal or Marine VHF radio) and all available means (e.g. Radar, ARPA, AIS, GMDSS…) in order to judge if risk of collision exists. Lookouts report anything they see and or hear.

What is deck watch keeping?

Course info Watchkeeping or watchstanding is the assignment of sailors to specific roles on a ship to operate it continuously. On a typical seafaring vessel, be it naval or merchant, personnel “keep watch” in various locations and duties across the ship, such as the bridge and engine room.

What is deck Watchkeeping Why is it important?

A deck officer assigned with the duties of watch keeping and navigation on a ship’s bridge is known as the officer on watch (OOW). While keeping a watch on the bridge he is the representative of the ship’s master and has the total responsibility of safe and smooth navigation of the ship.

How do I get a watch keeping certificate?

Documents required for applying for watchkeeping

  1. Original Application Form.
  2. Copy of Data pages of a valid National Passport.
  3. Colour passport size Photograph (light or white Background)
  4. Medical Fitness Certificate issued by a physician recognized by the White List country as authorized to carry out seafarers examinations.

When can a vessel not cross narrow channel or fairway?

20meters in
A vessel of less than 20meters in length or a sailing vessel shall not impede the passage of a vessel which can safely navigate only within a narrow channel or fairway.

What rule is narrow channels?

§ 83.09 Narrow channels (Rule 9). (i) A vessel proceeding along the course of a narrow channel or fairway shall keep as near to the outer limit of the channel or fairway which lies on her starboard side as is safe and practicable.

Who navigates a ship?

A navigator is the person whose job it is to steer the ship. The navigator plans and charts the course and then points the boat in the right direction.

What does hard right rudder mean?

RIGHT (LEFT) FULL RUDDER Usually means 30° on the rudder angle indicator. RIGHT (LEFT) HARD RUDDER Normally equal to 35° of rudder. COME RIGHT (LEFT) TO 148° Means to swing the ship’s head in the direction stated and steady it on the course given; in this example, 148°.

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