What are Turkish tea glasses called?

What are Turkish tea glasses called?

ince belli
Tea is drunk from small, tulip-shaped glasses called ince belli (literally “slim-waisted”), which allows the tea to be enjoyed hot as well as showing its crimson color.

Why are Turkish tea cups so small?

The purpose of the small clear glasses is to admire the hue of the tea and to be able to consume it while it is still hot. Generally the tea is taken with two sugar cubes. As I mentioned before, there is no bad place or time to drink cay in Turkey.

Why do Turkish people use two tea pots?

The two pots, one on top of another, are put on a stove. The tea pot on the bottom gets the most heat. It has water boiled in it. The second, smaller, tea pot gets to sit on top.

Are old tea sets worth anything?

Vintage teacups can be worth quite a lot! You’ll find them priced from $20-$100, even more if it is rare and in mint condition.

What tea is drunk in Turkey?

Black tea most popular​ Black tea is the most popular hot beverage in Turkey, according to last year’s Euromonitor report. The most successful manufacturer was state-owned Cay Isletmeleri Genel Müdürlügü continued to lead tea in 2017, the report added.

How do you use a Turkish tea set?


  1. Pour ¼ cup of water in the small tea pot.
  2. Fill the large tea pot with water.
  3. Reduce the heat and let it simmer for about 5 minutes so that the heat reaches the tea leaves in the small tea pot.
  4. Transfer more than half of the water in the large tea pot into the small teapot.
  5. Serve it hot.

Why do Turkish people always drink tea?

In Turkey, tea drinking is an accepted and valued part of life. Turks begin consuming this beverage with breakfast and continue sipping throughout the day. Tea tends to accompany most of the rituals and rites of life in Turkey. Serving and drinking tea together is a token of friendship.

Why are Turkish teapots stacked?

Turks, absolute geniuses of shortcuts, have created a great shortcut in the tea brewing too: they developed a construction of two stacked kettles called çaydanlık – the bottom part is for the boiling water while the upper one is for the tea brew.

How do I identify an antique tea set?

Look For Handwritten Markings If there are handwritten marks, the tea set is made before the 1800s, before stamping was used. If the tea set has a stamped logo, lettering and/or numbers that are not blue, the set was made after 1850. Any tea set with a logo or trademark is made after 1862.

What is the most popular drink in Turkey?

Turkish tea
The most popular hot drink in Turkey is Turkish tea. Turkish tea is consumed daily in large quantities throughout the country. Caykur, a national tea company based in Rize on the northwestern coast of Turkey, produces thousands of tons of tea a month.