What are Vaadin components?

What are Vaadin components?

Form Inputs

  • Input Fields. Input field components have common features, such as label, helper text, disabled and required states, and more.
  • Checkbox. Checkbox is an input field representing a binary choice.
  • Combo Box.
  • Custom Field.
  • Date Picker.
  • Date Time Picker.
  • Email Field.
  • List Box.

Is vaadin a good framework?

Vaadin is a mature web framework for developing rich internet applications. Building web-based GUIs with Vaadin feels like developing a desktop application, which is great, comfortable and fast. However, there are situations where Vaadin is not suitable.

What is Vaadin framework?

Vaadin Framework is a Java web application development framework that is designed to make creation and maintenance of high quality web-based user interfaces easy. Vaadin supports two different programming models: server-side and client-side. The server-driven programming model is the more powerful one.

Is Vaadin low code?

Based on the fact that the low-code tool generated a web UI based on Vaadin, we agreed to create a prototype with Vaadin Flow. It turned out that Vaadin could be a very good fit for the UI modernization. After some discussion, the customer decided to part with the low-code tool and use Vaadin as the UI framework.

Is Vaadin easy?

Vaadin provides plug-in supports and it is very easy to learn and integrate with other web frameworks.

Is vaadin free to use?

Is Vaadin free to use? Yes. Vaadin is an Apache 2.0-licensed, open-source framework. The framework and components are free to use for any purpose.

What is vaadin good for?

Vaadin provides many components, layouts, and different listeners compared to any conventional web technologies; hence it is much preferable to use Vaadin. Since Vaadin is Java based, it is fully Object oriented. A Java developer can easily develop a website, simply by having idea of Vaadin classes and its uses.

Is vaadin stateless?

Vaadin Fusion: Stateless By default, Fusion will not create server sessions and will use the token-based authentication mechanism, keeping the server stateless. Since server endpoints don’t use a session, a server can handle more concurrent users, enabling easier horizontal scaling and high availability of services.

Is Vaadin open source?

The core Vaadin framework and most of the components are free and open-source under the Apache 2.0 license.