What can I use for 100 points of ID NSW?

What can I use for 100 points of ID NSW?

100 Point Identification Check.

  • the preceding two years.
  • • Current passport from another country or diplomatic documents.
  • of a person’s entitlement to a financial benefit.
  • • Identification card issued to a student at a tertiary education institution.
  • applicant within the last 10 years.
  • What counts as 100 points wa?

    Total points must equal 100 points

    • Australian Photo Drivers Licence 40 or 25.
    • Australian Photo Firearms Licence 40 or 25.
    • State or Federal Government Employee Photo ID 40 or 25.
    • Centrelink or Social Security Card 40 or 25.
    • Dept.
    • Tertiary Education Institution Photo ID 40 or 25.
    • Australian Learner’s Permit 40 or 25.

    What can I use for ID verification?

    Acceptable Documents for Identity Verification

    • State identification (ID) card.
    • Driver license.
    • US passport or passport card.
    • US military card (front and back)
    • Military dependent’s ID card (front and back)
    • Permanent Resident Card.
    • Certificate of Citizenship.
    • Certificate of Naturalization.

    What is meant by 100 points of ID?

    The 100 point system applies to individuals opening new financial accounts in Australia, including bank accounts or betting accounts. Points are allocated to the types of documentary proof of identity that the person can produce, and they must have at least 100 points of identification to be able to operate an account.

    What is 100 points of ID for Centrelink?

    Registration papers with your name, address and proof of payment. Foreign birth, marriage or education certificate. Driver licence, national identity card or a lapsed passport. A photo ID card issued by the Commonwealth, state or territory in your name.

    What is an ID checker?

    With the ability to digitalise your ID verification, an online ID Checker can instantly verify the identity of your clients for a quicker and more efficient way to ensure full compliance with Customer Due Diligence and Know Your Customer.

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