What channel is CHUM-FM?

What channel is CHUM-FM?

CHUM-FM is a Canadian radio station licensed to Toronto, Ontario and operated by Bell Media. It broadcasts at 104.5 MHz with a hot adult contemporary format.

Where is CHUM-FM located?

Toronto, Ontario
CHUM-FM is a Canadian radio station in Toronto, Ontario, broadcasting on the assigned frequency of 104.5 MHz. Owned by Bell Media, the station airs a hot adult contemporary format.

What kind of music does chum play?

CHUM was aired for the first time in September 1 1963 and it was the first Canadian station to have a classical music format. This changed in 1968, when the station altered its format to progressive rock and started playing a wide range of music ranging from world music and jazz to classical and folk.

When did CHUM-FM start?

The sign was first put up at the old location in 1959. Its design was altered in 1978. Chris Gordon was president of CTV’s CHUM Radio division. On August 18 CHUM AM and FM made the move from 1331 Yonge Street to 250 Richmond Street West.

Who is Ingrid Schumacher married to?

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What happened to Roger Ashby?

TORONTO (February 19, 2020) – Bell Media’s Orbyt Media, Canada’s premier content syndication group, announced the return of broadcast legend Roger Ashby to radio for THE ROGER ASHBY OLDIES SHOW, airing across 16 affiliate stations and available now on iHeartRadio.ca and the iHeartRadio app.

When was Roger Ashby born?

Roger Ashby (1969-1985) Roger Ashby started at 1050 CHUM in late August of 1969 and remained with the company (through several owners) for nearly 50 years.

Who is Caitlin Green?

Caitlin Green – On-Air Contributor/Producer – Marilyn Denis & Jamar Morning Show – CHUM Radio – Toronto | LinkedIn.

What stations carry Roger Ashby oldies show?

Bell Media, My Broadcasting, Durham Radio, and Evanov Radio Group affiliate stations featuring the show include: CKDX-FM 88.5 in Toronto CJWL-FM 98.5 in Ottawa-Hull CKHY-FM 105.1 in Halifax CFMP-FM 107.7 in Arnprior, Ont. CHSV-FM 106.7 in Hudson, Ont. CIYM-FM 100.9 in Brighton, Ont. CJGB-FM 99.3 in Meaford, Ont.

Why did Roger Ashby leave CHUM FM?

Article content. But Ashby says the time was right for him to walk away. His most recent two-year contract called for him to end his treasured gig in late 2018 at the age of 69. Earlier this year, the CHUM 104.5 morning show also welcomed a new co-host Jamar McNeil.

Where is Roger Ashby now?

After helming the morning show on CHUMFM with Marilyn Denis and Darren B. Lamb, Ashby began hosting The Roger Ashby Oldies Show in 2020.

Who is Jamar from CHUM FM?

Jamar McNeil
— April 3, 2019. iHeartRadio’s CHUM 104.5 welcomed its newest member to the CHUM family, Jamar McNeil, as co-host for its brand-new morning show MARILYN DENIS AND JAMAR last summer.

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