What country does Warrior Cats take place?

What country does Warrior Cats take place?

The New Forest in southern England was the base for the forest where the original series took place.

Is the great sycamore in ThunderClan territory?

The Great Sycamore is a Hunting Location in the ThunderClan Forest territory.

Where do RiverClan cats train?

RiverClan. The RiverClan forest camp is on a large, well-drained, island and is surrounded by reeds. All of the dens are tightly woven. It can be reached only by swimming, and as cats from other Clans cannot swim (and hate water, in general), the camp is rarely attacked.

Where is the lake from warrior cats?

Geography. The region is far northwest from the forest and north of the sun-drown-place. It consists of varied landscape surrounding a lake. The northern half is covered by woodland and it gives home to ShadowClan and ThunderClan.

Who is the current deputy of ShadowClan?

ShadowClan’s founder and first-ever leader, Shadowstar formed her group in the marshes of the old forest, and was a wise, collected, and determined cat. She was the first leader to ever lose all nine of her lives. Her deputies were her nephew, Sun Shadow, and Raven Pelt.

Who was Firestar’s first deputy?

Despite blaming himself for Bluestar’s death, Whitestorm was chosen as Firestar’s first deputy, and fought in the battle against BloodClan; however, when he was killed by Bone, Whitestorm chose Graystripe as his successor, and ascended to StarClan.

Who was the first leader of ThunderClan?

Much respected for being the founder and the first leader of ThunderClan, Thunderstar is still remembered as a compassionate and courageous leader.

Where is SkyClan located?

Modern SkyClan was located in a gorge, known to Twolegs as Deepsands Gorge. Twolegs also call other places in this territory the River Chell, High Dene Woods, and Deepsands Pool. Landmarks in this territory include: Camp – The camp is located at the base of a steep gorge, making it a tad more difficult to be attacked.

What does TS mean in Warrior Cats Roblox?

The ranks include warrior (w) medicine cat (m) medicine cat apprentice (ma) apprentice (a) elder (e) queen (q) kit (k) and leader (l). The next thing is a TS. TSs are commonly used by novice roleplayers. You’ll find more experienced roleplayers rarely use a theme song when creating their characters.