What do I need to winterize my outboard motor?

What do I need to winterize my outboard motor?

Winterizing Your Outboard Motor

  1. Drain the crankcase oil (Four-stroke motors)
  2. Install a new oil filter (Four-stroke motors)
  3. Filling the crankcase with new oil (Four-stroke motors)
  4. Changing the lower unit gear oil.
  5. Stabilizing the fuel.
  6. Flushing the outboard with antifreeze.
  7. Fogging the cylinders.

Do you have to run antifreeze through an outboard motor to winterize it?

You do not need to run antifreeze through an outboard, period. They’re designed to drain completely in the tilted-down position, and do not need an ounce of antifreeze.

Do you have to winterize a 4 stroke outboard motor?

Despite climate change, winter can still bring freezing temperatures to much of the nation. Like inboards and sterndrives, outboard engines are also subject to potential damage from freezing and from being laid up in disuse for months at a time. So outboards demand winterizing too.

Is fogging oil necessary?

Fogging a boat engine is not completely necessary but is highly recommended. Putting a stabilizer in your gasoline can help reduce the long-term storage issues but is not a guarantee. Essentially, fogging oil is an inexpensive way to better protect your boat engine while it’s left idle.

What happens if you don’t winterize your outboard motor?

Winterizing a boat is an essential process unless you plan to make necessary repairs to your boat come springtime. If you do not winterize your boat, any water droplets left could freeze, expand, and crack the components they were in. This could cause anything from blowing off a hose to completely ruining your engine.

Is fogging a boat motor necessary?

Should I cover outboard motor for winter?

If you’ve got an outboard motor, you may want to reconsider wrapping it up during the winterization process. Although the wrap may seem like a protective measure, it can actually do more harm than good. The engine cover is vented and designed to allow air to circulate.

Do you really need to fog a 2 stroke outboard?

Winterizing a 2-Stroke Outboard: Cylinders The metal surfaces within the powerhead’s cylinders need to be protected against corrosion. Spraying fogging oil into the cylinders will provide a coating over them that’s effective against condensation and corrosion.

Should I winterize my outboard motor?

If you live in a climate that prevents you from using outboard motors year-round, it’s important to winterize so your motors will be ready to perform for you during the next boating season. Winterizing outboard motors can expose you to some hazardous substances. Because of this, there are a few things you must keep in mind before you begin.

How do you store an outboard motor?

If you choose this option, make sure that the stored motor rests on its case protectors. Otherwise, store your outboard vertically. Use an engine stand built specifically for your outboard motor to store in an upright position. If you wish to provide a dust cover for your outboard during long-term storage, make sure the material is breathable.

How do you flush an outboard motor?

Start by flushing your outboard with fresh water. For this, you’ll need specially designed “earmuffs” to place over your motor’s raw-water intake ports. You’ll also need a garden hose.

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