What do the symbols of the Puerto Rican flag mean?

What do the symbols of the Puerto Rican flag mean?

The three red stripes represent the blood from the brave warriors. The two white stripes represent the victory and peace that they would have after gaining independence. The white star represented the island of Puerto Rico. The blue represents the sky and blue coastal waters.

What are some Puerto Rican symbols?

Puerto Rican Warrior Symbols. The Taino coqui tattoo, which represents the Puerto Rican coqui, the frog, displays an encircled leaping frog – a symbol of longevity. Similar Puerto Rican warrior symbols include lizards, turtles, and snakes – each which translated to survival and strength.

Does Puerto Rico have two flags?

The most commonly used flags of Puerto Rico are the current flag, which represents the people of the commonwealth of Puerto Rico; municipal flags, which represent the 78 municipalities of the archipelago; political flags, which represent the different political beliefs of the people; and sports flags, which identify …

What does the black and white Puerto Rican flag symbolize?

The famous door in Old San Juan now has the Puerto Rican flag painted in black and white, as a sign of mourning and resistance. There is also a small altar.

Why does the Puerto Rican flag have 5 Stripes?

The red stripes symbolize the blood sacrificed during the fight for independence and is a reminder of the people who fought for Puerto Rico. Finally, the white stripes stand for victory, liberty and peace.

Why is Cuba and Puerto Rico flag the same?

“The flag was created in 1895, by the Puerto Rican section of the Cuban Revolutionary Party, which advocated independence for Puerto Rico and Cuba from Spanish rule.” (…) “Its design is the same as the Cuban flag, but with the colors inverted.

What does the Taino coquí mean?

Coquí is the common name for several species of small frogs in the genus Eleutherodactylus native to Puerto Rico. They are onomatopoeically named for the very loud mating call which the males of two species, the common coqui and the upland coqui, make at night.

Why does Cuba and Puerto Rico have the same flag?

Cuba and Puerto Rico: A symbol of brotherhood Basically both flags have the same layout with reversed colors. It happened in late XIX century as a symbol of brotherhood between these two territories that were fighting for their independence from Spain.

When was the Puerto Rican flag illegal?

On June 10th, 1948 Law 53 was approved. Enacted to surprise the Independence movement on the island, La Ley de la Mordaza made it illegal to display or own a Puerto Rican flag; even in one’s own home.

Why does the Puerto Rico flag have one star?

Blue Triangle – stands for the “Republican Government”, represented by the three branches. White Lone Star – represents “The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico”.