What do you mean by twitcher?

What do you mean by twitcher?

A twitcher is an enthusiastic bird-watcher. [British, informal]

What is the sentence of twitched?

Panting, he rolled onto his back, unable to regain his balance while his body twitched from magic. His eyes just twitched . He twitched her hand, and his brows and lips quivered angrily. He glanced up at her, and his mouth twitched .

What is the synonym of twitching?

twitch. Synonyms of twitch (Entry 2 of 2) 1 as in contraction, jerk.

Why do I keep on twitching?

Muscle twitches can happen for lots of reasons, like stress, too much caffeine, a poor diet, exercise, or as a side effect of some medicines. Lots of people get twitches in the eyelid, thumb, or calf muscles. These types of twitches usually go away after a few days. They’re often related to stress or anxiety.

What are Twitch streamers called?

Twitch is a video-streaming platform that offers a fun, social way to watch people play games. Through the Twitch app (and online at Twitch.tv), gamers who broadcast their matches (known as streamers) play their favorite titles while providing running commentary on the action.

What is the sentence of glistened?

Glistened sentence example Something white glistened in the flowers. The ship sloshed through dark teal waters toward a crescent-shaped bay with white sands that glistened in the midday light. His muscular back glistened with perspiration as he swung the ax, expertly splitting a chunk of wood.

What is the sentence of grunt?

Examples of grunt in a Sentence She grunted a few words in reply, then turned and walked away. Noun I could hear the grunts of the movers as they lifted the heavy furniture. He answered her with a grunt. He was a grunt who worked his way up to become an officer.

What is an antonym of the word twitch?

Opposite of to make small or restless movements, especially through nervousness or impatience. freeze. relax. rest.

How do you stop a twitching muscle?

How are muscle spasms (muscle cramps) treated?

  1. Stretch the affected area.
  2. Massage the affected area with your hands or a massage roller.
  3. Stand up and walk around.
  4. Apply heat or ice. Put an ice pack together or apply a heating pad, or take a nice warm bath.
  5. Take painkillers such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen.

How do you get rid of a twitch?

How you can help stop a twitch

  1. get plenty of rest.
  2. try to find ways to relax.
  3. stretch and massage any muscles affected by cramps.
  4. try not to worry about it – a twitch is usually harmless and worrying can make it worse.